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Today the Annie Award Nominees were released.  These awards celebrate the best in animated films.  I still say this has been an amazing year for animation.  It’s certainly been one of my favorites that’s for sure. I have seen all of the nominees but 2- Song of the Sea comes out Dec 19th, and I will hopefully see it, and Cheatin I must admit I hadn’t heard of but it looks awesome.

Cheatin trailer (this is clearly an animated feature for adults but I’m ok with that.  In fact, sometimes I prefer they go all adult instead of trying to make it appeal to kids and adults (ala Hunchback):

Anyway, the nominees are:

Big Hero 6,

The Lego Movie,

How To Train Your Dragon 2,

The Boxtrolls,

Book Of Life,


Song Of The Sea (here’s Song of the Sea trailer if you haven’t seen it yet. It looks amazing)

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya.

What an impressive list.  I LOVED Big Hero 6, How to Train Your Dragon 2 (even more than original), Lego Movie, Boxtrolls and Kaguya (gave A’s to all 5 of those!).  Book of Life I really liked despite some problems (got a B). They are all so different it is tough to compare.  But again what a great year especially when you consider no Pixar and some highly entertaining films didn’t even make the list (Mr Peabody and Sherman and Penguins of Madagascar were really fun comedies).

Well, what would you pick to win?  I’d be happy with any of them winning but if I had to pick I’d go with The Lego Movie.  I know all of you weren’t as crazy about it as I was but this is my blog and my opinion so for me it was the most creative, visually inventive, had heart, showed how kids play, their randomness and fun, and it made me laugh a lot.  But I was really moved and dazzled by Big Hero 6 also, so I would love to see it win.  Same with Kaguya, which was so beautiful, and The Boxtrolls, which had a great look, and a story that makes kids (and me!)  think while charming them.  How to Train Your Dragon was an epic adventure and dazzled me from beginning to end.  Plus, I loved the flying sequences.

But push come to shove I would still pick Lego Movie.  What was your favorite? (And remember there are no wrong answers it’s just an opinion)

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  1. Definitely an awesome year for animation! I’m kind of disappointed with the nominees for the Best Voice Performance in an Animated Feature though.

    Anyway, for the Best Animated Feature, I feel the winner will be either ‘The LEGO Movie’, ‘BH6’, or ‘HTTYD2’. I haven’t seen ‘BH6’ yet, so I can’t say for sure yet.

      1. Just looked and I agree. Strange choices. I would have picked Ty Burrell in Mr Peabody and Sherman and Will Arnett in Lego. Fish doesnt even talk in Boxtrolls…Kingsley is good in Boxtrolls but he sounds just like the actor Michael Gambon which is strange.

  2. I think it will come down to either Big Hero 6 or HTTYD 2 or a true surprise (who knows, perhaps the pick Song of the Sea – I didn’t know that this one is out already). I can’t really judge myself, because I haven’t seen all the movies on the list, so I go after buzz and positive reviews.

    I don’t think that the Lego movie will win. I don’t think that it is bad by any means, but it is mostly humour. I suspect the jury will be pulled more towards one of the movies which have a little bit more substance to it. But in any case, it is certainly not as clear cut as last year.

    1. It very well could be and both of those would be well deserving. You might be right about a comedy having a harder time. Plus early releases always struggle a bit come award seasons.

      I’m not sure who votes for this award? I couldn’t tell from their website. If it is critics, artists, writers, directors will all make a difference. If it is artists than Kaguya could win. It’s the biggest artistic achievement. If it’s critics Lego was most well loved by them.

      I agree definitely stronger than last year!

      1. The members of the International Animated Film Association….which is a really long list. For individual categories, only the professional members are allowed to vote.

      2. Cool. Will be interesting to see what they go for. I haven’t followed it in the past years.

  3. I am not surprised by the nominations at all, and out of all of the films this year, the 5 of them deserved it (never watched the Princess movie, or the other 2 that you did not review yet).

    The Book of Life and Boxtrolls will not win the award, and while those two films are pretty good (despite my issues with them), I just cannot see those films winning.

    I personally do not want The Lego Movie to win, because while it is REALLY humorous, and the animation is great, I could not get into the characters (who I felt were a bit too flat), and the story was a bit too fast paced without slowing down a bit to give us a break.

    HTTYD2 and Big Hero 6 are the ones I do like the most, and are the ones that I do think are the top runners, but I see Big Hero 6 winning over HTTYD2. I personally want HTTYD2 to win more, as I felt like while Big Hero 6 was good and enjoyable, there was really nothing new to it, and it is your basic superhero story. HTTYD2 was a lot more mature, and I was genuinely surprised with how things were handled. The characters were handled well, and the plot was fast paced without being overwhelming, and continued expanding the world (what a sequel us supposed to do, but it does not normally happen).

    I am sure that out of the ones that win, I will not be upset this year, like how I was a bit disappointed (though expected) last year’s winner.

    1. My pick of Lego Movie was just the one I like best not the one I thought would win. I agree Big Hero 6 is probably going to win and it is deserved. I loved it. It made my top 10 of my Disney films.

      It all depends on who is voting, what percentage are effects people, artists, directors, etc. I think each will appreciate different things.

      Boxtrolls does have the most nominations which is interesting. Lego is the best reviewed animated film of the year, so they all have something going for them.

      How to Train Your Dragon 2 kind of got lost a little bit even though It did well. That could hurt it but probably not amongst the voters of this particular award but definitely for Oscars. I would say for Oscars it will between Lego and Big Hero 6.

      I loved Dragon. I thought it was better than the original. The story was more surprising and the villain very clever. And the visuals, stunning.

      So any of them winning will be valid. I recommend you seeing Kagayan. It is a visual delight even if it’s pacing is on the slow side. If artists are voting than it could have a chance. Just depends on make up of group. It’s certainly the most ambitious of the films.

      Nobody has seen Song of the Sea in the US (doesn’t come out till 19th) and Chillin has only been shown to its Kickstarter backers. (a very interesting story for those who love hand drawn 2D what they did with that campaign) and festival goers.

      Great choices! We are so lucky to have a year with 13 released in theater animated films. Wowzers

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