Annie Awards Nominations 2015

Tonight they put out the nominations for the latest Annie Awards for greatness in animation.  Pixar was the big winner with 21 nominations between Good Dinosaur and Inside Out.  This year they divided the best feature nominations into an independent and best category which seems strange to me.  I personally would have included When Marnie was There in the all-out best category but they put it in Independent. That movie seemed to resonate more with me than other people so I get it (what else is new!).  Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet also got a nomination which despite issues I think was deserved for the quality of the shorts.

I would be shocked if the 5 for Best Animated Feature are not the Oscar nominees.  Shaun the Sheep is certainly deserving.  The Peanuts Movie is fantastic and Anomalisa I’ve heard nothing but great things about (it doesn’t get released by me till 2016).


Paramount Pictures

“Inside Out”
Pixar Animation Studios

“Shaun the Sheep Movie”
Aardman Animations

“The Good Dinosaur”
Pixar Animation Studios

“The Peanuts Movie”
Blue Sky Studios, Twentieth Century Fox Animation


“Boy and the World”
Filme de Papel

“Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet”

“The Boy and the Beast”
Studio Chizu

“When Marnie Was There”
Studio Ghibli

For television we have some worthy nominations but nothing too unexpected.  It might have been nice to see Star Wars Rebels or Rick and Morty get some nominations but hard to argue with what they picked.  Wander Over Yonder and Gravity Falls particularly deserve the shout-out.


“Bob’s Burgers”
Episode: “Can’t Buy Me Math”
Twentieth Century Fox Television / Bento Box Entertainment

“BoJack Horseman”
Episode: “Brand New Couch”
The Tornante Company

“Moonbeam City”
Episode: “Quest for Aquatica”
Titmouse, Inc. / Comedy Central

“The Simpsons”
Episode: “Halloween of Horror ”
Gracie Films in Association with 20th Century Fox Television


Episode: “Turtle Hats ”
Cartoon Network

“Gravity Falls”
Episode: “Not What He Seems”
Disney Television Animation

“Harvey Beaks”
Episode: “A Day of No To-Do”

“Sanjay & Craig”
Episode: “Street Dogg”

“Star vs the Forces of Evil”
Episode: “Blood Moon Ball”
Disney Television Animation

“Steven Universe”
Episode: “Jail Break”
Cartoon Network Studios

“Wander Over Yonder”
Episode: “The Breakfast”
Disney Television Animation


For full list of nominees and all the other categories go to

What do you think of the nominees?  Anything surprise you?


Annie Award Nominees

Today the Annie Award Nominees were released.  These awards celebrate the best in animated films.  I still say this has been an amazing year for animation.  It’s certainly been one of my favorites that’s for sure. I have seen all of the nominees but 2- Song of the Sea comes out Dec 19th, and I will hopefully see it, and Cheatin I must admit I hadn’t heard of but it looks awesome.

Cheatin trailer (this is clearly an animated feature for adults but I’m ok with that.  In fact, sometimes I prefer they go all adult instead of trying to make it appeal to kids and adults (ala Hunchback):

Anyway, the nominees are:

Big Hero 6,

The Lego Movie,

How To Train Your Dragon 2,

The Boxtrolls,

Book Of Life,


Song Of The Sea (here’s Song of the Sea trailer if you haven’t seen it yet. It looks amazing)

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya.

What an impressive list.  I LOVED Big Hero 6, How to Train Your Dragon 2 (even more than original), Lego Movie, Boxtrolls and Kaguya (gave A’s to all 5 of those!).  Book of Life I really liked despite some problems (got a B). They are all so different it is tough to compare.  But again what a great year especially when you consider no Pixar and some highly entertaining films didn’t even make the list (Mr Peabody and Sherman and Penguins of Madagascar were really fun comedies).

Well, what would you pick to win?  I’d be happy with any of them winning but if I had to pick I’d go with The Lego Movie.  I know all of you weren’t as crazy about it as I was but this is my blog and my opinion so for me it was the most creative, visually inventive, had heart, showed how kids play, their randomness and fun, and it made me laugh a lot.  But I was really moved and dazzled by Big Hero 6 also, so I would love to see it win.  Same with Kaguya, which was so beautiful, and The Boxtrolls, which had a great look, and a story that makes kids (and me!)  think while charming them.  How to Train Your Dragon was an epic adventure and dazzled me from beginning to end.  Plus, I loved the flying sequences.

But push come to shove I would still pick Lego Movie.  What was your favorite? (And remember there are no wrong answers it’s just an opinion)