Favorite Simpsons Episodes

If you guys are Simpsons fans I came up with this list of my favorite episodes I thought you might enjoy. Now with the FXX Now app you can watch all Simpsons seasons on your phone or tablet for free. Pretty cool.
Simpsons has been a part of my life almost my entire life. Every Thursdays and then Sundays for years. It is so well written and while the best seasons were 4-10 I still find a lot to enjoy. They make me laugh and in the end it is about a family that really loves each other.

Lisa Simpson is one of my favorite characters ever. She has such a good heart and I just relate to her.
What are some of your favorites?

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For some reason people are nearly always surprised when they find out I love The Simpsons.  Even now in its 25th season it makes me laugh (and is visually stunning these days).  We didn’t have TV for spurts while I was growing up but when I was in high school my sister, brother and I watched The Simpsons every week.

I think my parents allowed it because they recognized how smart it was. The writing encourages thinking, pondering and in the end it is about a family that truly love each other.  Honestly, I would have no problem with my teenage children watching it either. In fact, I look forward to it one of these days.

Just for fun I was thinking about my favorite episodes and a lot of them are in seasons 7-10 because that is when I was in high school and watching it the most regularly. …

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