The Worst of Disney


So people love a worst of list including myself.  There’s something fun about dogging on the hard work of hundreds of people and a giant studio like Disney.  Every year I love watching all the worst films lists on my favorite youtubers (and loved it back in the Siskel and Ebert days).  In Disney’s defense they have very few true stinkers.  There are only 3 that I would really call stinkers and even them I would rather watch than stinkers from other studios like this years Legend’s of Oz, The Lorax or The Smurf movies.  So this is all relative.

But you guys asked for it so here goes…


Worst Movies (you know this from my rankings).

Gold- Dinosaur

Silver- Chicken Little

Bronze- Brother Bear


Worst Villain-

Gold- Radcliffe- Pocahontas

Silver-Sykes- Oliver and Company

Bronze- Kron- Dinosaur


Character I Personally Dislike the Most-

Gold- Medusa, Rescuers

Silver- Buck Cluck, Chicken Little

Bronze- Kenai, Brother Bear


Worst Songs-

Gold- Say it with a Slap, Bongo from Fun and Fancy Free

Silver- Mine, Mine, Mine, Pochahontas

Bronze- A Guy Like You, Hunchback of Notre Dame


Worst Protagonist-

Gold- Kenai, Brother Bear

Silver- Taran, Black Cauldron

Bronze- Pocahontas, Pocahontas


Worst Sidekick-

Gold- Gargoyles, Hunchback of Notre Dame

Silver- Koda, Brother Bear

Bronze- All the Cows, Home on the Range


Most Offensive Disney Moment-

Gold- Redman, Peter Pan

Silver- Judge Frollo burning family alive, Hunchback

Bronze-  Ending, Jungle Book


Most Boring Disney Movies-

Gold- Dinosaur

Silver- Three Caballeros

Bronze- Brother Bear


Worst Script-

Gold- Home on the Range

Silver- Chicken Little

Bronze- Oliver and Company and Brother Bear tied


Movies that Others Like that I Don’t (don’t hate them but not crazy about them either)-

Gold- Sword in the Stone

Silver- Hunchback of Notre Dame

Bronze- Wreck it Ralph

Aristocats a lot of people give a pass too.


Corniest Movie-

Gold- Fox and the Hound

Silver- Home on the Range

Bronze- Brother Bear


There you go!  Remember just an opinion.  Everyone has different tastes and these are just mine.

6 thoughts on “The Worst of Disney

    1. It actually offends me. I really hate it. You have a boy determined to stay in the jungle. Baloo just about dies to make that happen and the girl sings at best a unprogressive song about women doing household chores for their life value. This literally hypnotizes Mowgli makes him forget everything that has happened and leave. It goes into the offensive category because it is one of only 2 female characters in the whole movie. If it was more balanced I’d be less annoyed. Remind you the movie still made my top 10 so it doesnt ruin it by any means but really hate it. I guess I could have also put the strip club song in Mouse Detective. Forgot about that

  1. “A Guy Like You” has to be the worst song in Disney’s history. Not just because it’s not a very good song, but because it is the perfect example of the garish tone-deafness that keeps Hunchback from being a good movie.

    1. You may be right. I guess at least it doesnt tell kids to slap each other to tell them they love one another. But it definitely is emblematic of the shifts in tone that ruin the movie and it’s placement in the plot makes it actually kind of mean. I certainly wouldn’t argue with making it #1. That’s for sure.

    2. I put Mine, Mine, Mine as second because it’s such a mockery of real people who may not have been perfect towards the Native American’s but to paint them as instantly getting off the ship and singing about gold and possession like some kind of robots is insulting

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