Must See Movies of 80s, 90s, 00s and Now

Here’s a fun little post I did on my other blog with my favorite movies of different eras. What are some of yours from these eras? Do you have a favorite era?

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With the start of the new year one of my favorite things to do is listen to film criticism best and worst of the year.  Since I don’t see most of the movies they are talking about I find it entertaining to see what the critics say- especially the ‘worst of’ list because a good critic can be hilarious when he or she is hating on a movie.  Plus, it let’s me know what movies to skip.  I figure if a movie makes it on a couple of the worst lists of critics I respect than I’ll pass.

Anyway as I was watching various youtube best and worst of lists one of them was talking about how his list is the movies that he wanted to see again, most. Not necessarily the most well made, well acted or whatever.  He seemed to ask the question- what movie wowed you and…

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