Frozen: Movie Review

I jus thought before I post about Frozen this weekend I would share with you all my opinions just after seeing it. It’s funny I wrote the ‘songs kind of run together and sound similar’. At the time I loved the songs but didn’t feel there was one big stand out number…Boy was I wrong on that front!
“the story has a nice message about family, sisters and the many forms of true love. It surprised me at points which is tough to do in a princess movie and the snowman was very funny…I think any young girls would love it. Whether it will appeal to young boys I’m not sure…
So go! Take your kids, especially your girls to see Frozen. It is worth your money and will be an experience that will stick with them forever just like the princess movies stuck with me. Plus, these are strong independent women who come to their own rescue without the need of Prince Charming. Love that”
So that’s what I thought just after seeing it!

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So I just got back from going to the movies with my friend Lisa and we saw the latest Disney offering Frozen and I went in with high expectations.  Alonso Duralde from What the Flick said it was the ‘best Disney movie since Lion King’ and I believe it had 94% rating on rotten tomatoes.  Pretty high praise!

I have always been a huge fan of animation and typically they are my favorite movies of the year.  They certainly can be stinkers but the potential for creativity and clean humor is there too.  This is certainly the case with Frozen and it is worthy of all the praise heaped on it.  I liked it as much as Tangled if not more so, and I loved Tangled.

The story is based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale The Snow Queen which I think will be new enough to most audiences…

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