Disney’s Back: Tangled

Before I review Tangled I thought you guys might like to see what I thought about it back in 2010 just after seeing it. I think you could say I liked it!! For me it was a return to form and I entitled the review ‘Disney’s Back: Tangled’.

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I just wanted to do a quick shout out for Disney’s new movie Tangled.  It goes back to the Disney tradition of telling  fairy tales with princesses.  There are a few modern touches to Tangled, but none of the winking humor to adults seen in the Dreamwork’s pictures.  (I hate that- just be funny for kids and adults).  Tangled tells the old Grimms fairy tale, Rapunzel.  As everyone knows Rapunzel has magic hair so she is abducted by a witch who wants to control the magic.  As part of her control the witch hides Rapunzel in a tower where the witch emotionally manipulates her into believing this is all “for her own protection.”  The character of the witch in Tangled is great. Probably the most icy, manipulative Disney villain ever. (She will teach children to believe in their mother’s love! Does it get more evil then that?).  Her song is…

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