Disney 2000-2009

2000sSo now we are starting the part of this project I am probably looking forward to the least- the Disney 2000s.  To be honest, if I could just watch 12 Pixar movies instead I would be a lot more pumped but I promised to go into the project open minded and I will do so with each of these films.

In fact, most of them aside from Emperor’s New Groove, I either haven’t seen or haven’t seen in a long time.  So I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised kind of like I was with Rescuers Down Under.  Hopefully I will find a hidden gem.

So, I am curious, my wonderful readers, which one (or more) out of these 12 do you like and why?  Get me pumped!  Which is your least favorite?  I promise I will not let your likes or dislikes affect my view of the films so don’t worry about that.  Just share in the comments or message me on facebook or twitter at @smilingldsgirl.

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9 thoughts on “Disney 2000-2009

  1. Emperor’s New Groove, Lilo and Stitch and Treasure Planet are all really good, and Princess and the Frog as some things going for it. Otherwise…be prepared to read a lot of rants from me in the near future.

      1. To be honest…I think working through the package era is worse. At least in none of the upcoming movie someone sings about slapping your love.

      2. Ha. That was so bizarre. Got a D- my lowest grade. Package films were rough. At least most were short where some of these are very long. I hadn’t seen the package films and I haven’t seen these (or in a while) so I will let you know which period I prefer. There’s many more in 2000s than package films so that makes it challenging

  2. Well, as you know. I loathe Dinosaur and Atlantis: The Lost Empire from my reviews, Emperor’s New Groove is mediocre at best, and Fantasia 2000 is decent. The ones I really dislike are Home on the Range, Chicken Little, Brother Bear, and the only ones I like are The Princess and the Frog and Lilo and Stitch. The rest are eh.

    1. Going to be rough going! The only one I am going into liking is Emperors but we will see how it holds up.
      I’m excited to give Princess and the Frog another shot.
      Thanks for the comments!

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