Next 17 Movies

Just a quick little interruption now that I finished The Lion King.

With Pocahontas we get into my high school years where I was hit and miss with Disney  and then in 98 I started college and liked Mulan, Tarzan and Emperor’s New Groove but that’s all I remember.  I went on a mission in 2003 so no movies till 2005. Then after that I was really more into Pixar than Disney.  It wasn’t until 2010 that I got excited about Disney again with the release of Tangled.

It had been probably since Emperor’s New Groove that a Disney movie had come out I had liked as much as Tangled, so 10 years.

When I blogged about Tangled I said:

“Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast are the only movies I remember seeing as a child…I was mesmerized by them- by the characters, the romance, the animation and of course the music!  I am excited that with Tangled a whole new generation will have a Disney princess experience.  I hope Disney keeps up the good work and doesn’t rely only on the brilliance of  Pixar”

So the next 17 movies should be interesting because for the most part I either haven’t seen them at all or it’s been a long time.  Here’s how it breaks down:

Pocahontas- saw recently on netflix

Hunchback- haven’t seen since release

Hercules- own

Mulan- own

Tarzan- own

Fantasia 2000- haven’t seen

Dinosaur- haven’t seen

Emperor’s New Groove- own

Atlantis- haven’t seen since release

Lilo and Stitch- haven’t seen in long time

Treasure Planet- haven’t seen since release

Brother Bear- haven’t seen

Home on the Range- haven’t seen

Chicken Little- haven’t seen

Meet the Robinsons- haven’t seen

Bolt- saw a few years ago on netflix

Princess and the Frog- haven’t seen since release


So there are 6 I haven’t seen, 6 I haven’t seen since release or a while, 5 I either own or have seen recently.

Always fun to try something new or reexamine something from the past.  After all, I am very different in some ways than I was in high school and college (and in other ways I’m exactly the same).

So there you go.  Just wanted you guys to be aware of the perspective I am coming from in this section of the project!

Thanks for reading!!!!

Any of these particular favorites of yours? Any I haven’t seen which you like?

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