Depression, Anxiety, Robin Williams

I thought before I post my review of Aladdin I would share with my Disney readers what I wrote after Robin Williams passing. It made me so sad. This surprised me a bit because he hadn’t made a movie I liked for a long time. But it wasn’t really about movies. It’s about a life, a human being. I had a dark time in my life and feel a great empathy for those struggling with depression. I wish there could be no more goodbyes.
But I am grateful for Robin Williams and all the other sufferers of depression and anxiety who push through for so long and do their best to lift up others. God bless.

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I hesitated to do this post because like when Whitney Houston died I didn’t want to just be one more maudlin grab at attention from tragedy.  Everyone probably knows that Robin Williams died yesterday of an apparent suicide.

It’s strange because if you had asked me if I was a Robin Williams fan before yesterday I would have said ‘not any more’.  His comedic riffs seemed outdated and I was not a fan of his recent show The Crazy One’s.

And yet, when I heard about it I started to cry.  I’m not sure I can even explain it but it impacted me.

The 90’s were golden for Williams and that was when I grew up. Just like with Houston I seemed to have outgrown Robin Williams but when something like this happens you remember and mourn for a little bit of that innocence which is lost.

3 of his…

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