57 Disney Project Introduction

mickeyToday I am starting a fun project that I’ve wanted to do for some time.  In 2012 I watched the first 5 Disney animated films and it was a fascinating experience.  Seeing films like Pinocchio and Fantasia back to back helped me to understand how bold a visionary Walt Disney really was.  I could also see how the events and culture of the day figured into both the films creation and reception.

I’ve always loved Disney.  In fact, as a child movies basically equaled Disney as 9/10 it was one of their films I was going to see.  The only movies I remember seeing in the theater were Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Home Alone.  I know there were many more but those stick out.

Animation has the ability to dazzle with it’s storytelling and be inspired by this project to be more creative myself.  I also hope to learn something about each film and to perhaps reexamine some films I may have written off as a young adult.

This project will only include the Walt Disney Studio animated features. So, Disney Toons Studio (Such as Ducktales) is out.  Pixar and Studio Ghibli is out but I will review Mary Poppins (but no other mixed live action/animation films).  If there are any of those you would like me to review I can do that on my other blog or on my youtube channel.

So join in this journey and let’s have a magical time!

To give you an idea of where I am starting from this is a Disney tag I did a few weeks ago for my youtube channel smilingldsgirl.

6 thoughts on “57 Disney Project Introduction

  1. I’ve set my self a challenge. Watch every number one film since 1960 before the end of the year

      1. At the box office because with critics you kind of know that it will be a good film but with audience it can be equally as bad or good. Hey, Star Wars the phantom menace was number one for 4 weeks

      2. Sounds like a cool project! Will you be blogging about this?

  2. Yes it will tie in with another project I’m doing where I review 700 films in one year.

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