Jungle Book Trailer Review

Hey guys!  I got a chance to watch the Jungle Book trailer today and it was pretty good.  It wasn’t as jaw droppingly awesome as some people had led me to believe out of D23 but it  looked good.  Then again, the folks at D23 saw over 3 minutes of clips including clips of Christopher Walken as Louie and Bill Murray speaking as Baloo.

I’m really excited about this video because I’ve been conquering the behemoth that is Adobe Premiere.  Normally I pick up a software with ease, even software that is tough for others I get very quickly.  But Premiere has been very difficult for me to learn.  I used a few lectures from Lynda.com but mostly through playing around with it and not being intimidated.  Today’s breakthrough was I learned how to place still images within the video and I don’t even need a green screen!  Hooray!!! (I know it might sound like it but it was really hard!).

Here is the actual trailer.

I’m most hopeful they will change the ending because I hate that in the original animated film.  I am also curious how much of the music they are going to use.  I wonder if it will be like in Cinderella where she just hummed a few of the songs but they weren’t ever sung as musical numbers.   If they are going to move away from the  musical they must be embracing the book more because there isn’t a ton of story to the original film.  I just hope they get it right because they are playing with fire because ending aside I love the original film.

What did you guys think of the trailer?  Are you excited or cautiously optimistic like I am?