Super Bowl Trailers

Yesterday was the 50th Super Bowl and honestly the game did nothing for me.  What was fun was all the new trailers we got.  The ads were pretty lame but the movie trailers were very cool.  I thought I would very quickly give you my thoughts on them.

(I won’t mention Deadpool or 10 Cloverfield as I have no interest in either of those films).

11.  God’s of Egypt- There is something 90’s Mummy about this film but it really looks terrible and this trailer did nothing to increase my enthusiasm.  I think it will be this year’s Jupiter Ascending.  The white-washing of Egypt does bother me a little bit.

10. Alice Through the Looking Glass- As someone who did not like the first one this trailer didn’t do much for me.  Some of the visuals look kind of cool but aside from hearing Alan Rickman again there isn’t much to appeal to me in the trailer.  It’s just not my Wonderland.

9. Secret Life of Pets-  When this movie is focusing outside of Kevin Hart bunny I feel better about it and this trailer did. But I still have that rabbit in my head with that annoying Kevin Hart voice…

8. Independence Day 2: Resurgence-  I’m not the biggest fan of the original.  I like it ok but nothing Roland Emerich has done since then has impressed me and this looked like another CGI blandfest. The first one was fun!

7. Batman v Superman Turkish Airlines- This was a fake ad for Turkish Airlines advertising Gotham and Metropolis.  Some might find it cute.  I found it groan inducing and dumb. Something is just off in the marketing of this film.

6. Jason Bourne- This was a big surprise!  I didn’t expect a trailer for it but it looks awesome.  Hopefully the shaky cam is reduced from 2 and 3 but great to have Matt Damon back.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes 2- As far as big reveals this might be number 1.  Krang is in the new turtle movie.  We had suspected something but that was so cool.  It looks like they are making some neat improvements to the original films, even in the look of the turtles.  If it didn’t have Michael By plastered on the trailer I’d like it even more.

4. Captain America: Civil War- This trailer was pretty awesome.  We saw the Avengers divided up and Bucky and Cap fighting Tony and Black Widow.  I loved that glove we see and it looks super entertaining!

3. Eddie the Eagle- The more I see from this film the more excited I get.  It looks like the new Cool Runnings.  I love the Olympics and I love inspirational stories so sign me up.  It looks like something that is right up my alley.

2. Xmen Apocalypse- This looks amazing!!  Apocalypse looks menacing and I am LOVING the female Xmen presence in this movie.  Mystique, Jean Gray, Psylocke look awesome.  I think everyone is sleeping on this movie and it is going to be great

1. Jungle Book- The 2 minute Jungle Book trailer blew me away.  It’s the first time I’ve felt that way about this movie.  It looks like a great merging of the book and animated film.  It’s going to be scary, funny, exciting and everything and the visuals look so great!  I’m sold!

What was your favorite and least favorite?  Put in the comment section.