Top 10 Worst Animated Films

So Norm of the North inspired me to create a top 10 list of the worst animated films I’ve ever seen.  Here it is:

lorax22210. Lorax- This bright, messy film ruins Dr Seuss’ subtle message into a story of bland corporate greed.

mars needs moms9. Mars Needs Moms- Gray, drab, motion capture film with a strangely dark message for kids of Moms getting abducted by aliens.

legends of oz8. Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return- Some of the worst animation I’ve ever seen.  It does not look finished.  The story is cluttered and I nodded off more than once. It is not worthy to bear the name of Oz.

Pound_Puppies_Big_Paw_poster7. Pound Puppies Movie- The worst of the corporate toy movies from the 80s with no creativity or cleverness.  We get the origins of Puppy Power and that’s as lame as you might guess.

fly me to moon6. Fly Me to the Moon- Basically a script of unending fly puns and toilet humor.  Poor animation, annoying characters, stupid story.

hero of color city5. Hero of Color City- Terrible Toy Story rip-off about crayons who come to life.  The animation is awful, the story is boring, humor falls flat.

hunchback44. Hunchback of Notre Dame 2- Takes the subtle dark message of the original and turns it into a maudlin atrocity. Terrible animation, horrible villain and a bell with jewels on the inside is stupid.  The worst of the Disney sequels in my opinion.

norm1113. Norm of the North- Call it recency bias but this may be the worst animated film I’ve seen in a theater.  The story makes no sense, animation is sloppy, villain super lame. Not one good thing to say about it

crazy nights2. Eight Crazy Nights- Disgusting animated film from Adam Sandler featuring jokes in poor taste to put it mildly.  His vocal performances are insulting and annoying.  The songs wouldn’t even work in a bad SNL skit. Terrible film in every way.

dogs christmas1. All Dogs Go to Heaven Christmas Carol- You guys know how dear Christmas Carol is to me and this film adds hypnotized dogs and a she-devil spirit called Belladonna who wants to destroy Christmas.  Making Carface Scrooge doesn’t work because he isn’t the primary villain trying to ruin Christmas.  The Tiny Tim dog is the worst and  The animation is terrible and the songs unoriginal.

Norm of the North Review

All right 2016 I issue you a challenge- I dare you to produce a movie worse than Norm of the North.  Yes my friends, the new animated film Norm of the North is one of the worst animated (or otherwise) films I’ve ever seen.  Please do not waste time and money seeing this total and complete garbage.  Literally the best thing in the movie is Rob Schneider and when you can utter that statement about a film you know you are in trouble…

norm8Schneider voices a bear who can talk to humans (a gift never explained).  He’s a prince of the iceberg and they like to put on shows for the tourists who take cruises to the arctic (I know they go to Alaska but aortic I don’t think is a thing for cruises?).

Of course, Norm doesn’t fit in with everyone else and misses his Grandfather bear who disappeared years ago.  But things are thrown into chaos when a model home lands on the iceberg (you read right).  Evidently a developer has decided to build a housing development on the glacier (because that makes so much sense…).

norm3Of course that means heading off to New York City where we get the evil corporate executive who is swindling the Arctic Conservation Board and shipping out the homes.

norm-of-the-north-trailer-Norm also has these little lemmings that are obvious minions copy-cats.

norm5Movies like this make you appreciate more movies like Elf and Enchanted that get this type of story right.  In Norm of the North they settle for potty humor and pratfalls.  Norm’s character is also kind of inconsistent.  One moment he is nerdy.  Another moment he is the coolest guy in town appearing on talk shows and the like.

The animation looks like something made 15 years ago not today and it’s not even so bad it’s good.  I actually nodded off for a few minutes it was all so dull and stupid.

I’m normally not a harsh person but this movie is awful.  I really don’t have anything good to say about it.  I guess congrats for getting a movie made.  I know how hard that is but please work on the script a little bit more next time.  I know they had a small budget but a lot is forgiven if the story and script are decent and there’s nothing expensive about writing a good script!

It’s disheartening when this type of film gets a wide release because I think it adds to the stereotype that animation is only for kids and that the medium is on the decline.  In my eyes it is just a momentary glitch and every medium has those.  Let’s just smile and move on.

At least I think the bar has been set very low for me to enjoy Kung fu Panda 3 this month!  That’s for sure!

Overall Grade- F