‘Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie’ or They Go from Super Dogs to Super Super Dogs and It’s Cute

Sometimes I admit my job as a film critic can be a little bit strange. Especially as an animation expert I can find myself critiquing films that I am definitely not the target demographic for. Such is the case with the latest from Nickelodeon Movies, Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie. Not having any experience with the franchise I thought the original Paw Patrol: The Movie was cute with a surprising story arc for little Chase who has PTSD and anxiety from trauma he experienced as a puppy. I have also gotten to know the director of both Paw Patrol movies, Cal Brunker, on social media and even had him on my podcast last month:

So now we have the new movie Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie and while it is a step down from the first film it has enough heart and positive messages to make it a worthwhile family film especially for the franchise’s fans of any age.

In this entry the focus is on little Skye (McKenna Grace) who was born the runt of her litter and always felt like she was lagging behind, smaller, weaker than all the other dogs. She basically has a giant case of imposter syndrome within the Paw Patrol and is very insecure why Ryder includes her in the group at all.

This doesn’t last for long, however, when the Paw Patrol pups get magic crystals that give them super powers. I’m not sure why this addition is necessary when you already have dogs flying planes and driving cars. Aren’t they already super powered? Nevertheless, it creates an effective story arc for Skye as she finally feels powerful and worthy of being on the patrol and she leads the charge against the evil ‘not mad’ scientist Vee Dance (Taraji P Henson.)

I do  think the change in the franchise from regular super dogs to super superhero dogs feels generic and played out but the designs are still cute and like I said, Skye’s story is sweet enough to make it worth recommending especially for family’s of small children. The voice cast is all solid and the animation is bright and colorful. If you enjoy this franchise and liked the first film I’m confident you will have a good time with Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie

6 out of 10

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