‘Fast X’ or How Jason Momoa Mesmerized Me

If you’ve been following my reviews you know the Fast and the Furious series lost me as a fan 3 movies ago. The Fate of the Furious I found strangely bland in its supposed over-the-topness, Hobbs & Shaw was forgettable and wastes Idris Elba, and the last one, F9, was stupid but not in an entertaining way. I particularly dislike Charlize Theron’s character who spends most of these movies staring at screens, which I hate in action movies.

So now we have Fast X which is supposedly the start to a final trilogy of these films. While I don’t know if that is needed I must admit to being pleasantly surprised by this film. It is over-the-top and ridiculous but there is more gritty action and racing than in the last films mixed in with the absurd spectacle, so that was very entertaining.

The biggest difference between Fast X and the recent entries, however, is the addition of Jason Momoa as the lead villain Dante Ryes. He is the son of Herman Reyes from Fast Five (which is generally thought of as the best of this series.) Now he’s out for revenge and is completely unhinged but in an entertaining way. Honestly he’s one of the most compelling villains I’ve seen in a franchise film in a long time- not just this franchise but any franchise. He reminds me of Heath Ledger’s Joker in the way he is funny yet terrifying at the same time.

Obviously if you are a stickler for realism or plot this film has tons of problems. It is way over-stuffed and most of the humor falls flat but I didn’t mind because Momoa was that good (and I’ve never been a particular fan of his. Haven’t loved his Aquaman portrayal.) Also this film is a strong PG-13 with disturbing imagery, a child in peril and some grittier hand-to-hand combat than we’ve seen in other entries. I personally wouldn’t take children but that’s just me. 

It might sound like hyperbole, but I sincerely think Fast X is the best of this series since Fast Five. It was certainly the most entertaining for this critic. Your mileage may vary.

8 out of 10

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