[REVIEW] The Matrix Resurrections or I Might Give Up on Modern Sci-fi

I walked into The Matrix Resurrections hopeful to find a story I enjoy and find entertaining. I walked out depressed and baffled. If this is modern sci-fi I want no part of it and I count myself a fan of the original film from 1999.

This was just a complete mess masquerading as meta sci-fi. No thank you!

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As best as I can make out this tells the story of Neo trying to figure out the Matrix again and find his love Trinity (now introduced as Tiffany) with an aged Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith). Along the way he faces a duplicitous game mogul version of Smith (Jonathan Groff) and a psychiatrist villain played by Neil Patrick Harris.

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I have never been the biggest sci-fi fan, but I used to at least understand the movies even if they were a little slow and more style over substance. Now they try to cram so much substance that they lose the story. I guess at least with The Matrix Resurrections I could understand the dialogue unlike the baffling Tenet from last year. Other people are either smarter than I am or they don’t care that the plots make no sense in these movies. I don’t know. I can only share my experience.

Also just because something goes meta and has a message doesn’t automatically make it good. It still has to tell a story that makes sense with characters that grow and change. Not the case here. Honestly movies like this make me feel I was too hard on Reminiscence because at least that had a coherent story with characters that transformed. It was a little boring, but I’d watch it a hundred times over whatever this was.

If you like The Matrix Resurrections more power to you. I hated practically every minute of it.

Now please can someone make a good sci-fi film please? I need it!

3 out of 10

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22 thoughts on “[REVIEW] The Matrix Resurrections or I Might Give Up on Modern Sci-fi

      1. Fair enough. I’m just extremely frustrated with the state of sci-fi lately. I tried to keep the review to the film and not bring in any of the personal people involved to the best of my ability

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  1. I think you need to watch again. The fact that you thought he was rescuing Trinity from Niobe tells me you didn’t understand what on earth was going on.

  2. Excellent review, excellent website. And people who say “who dis?” aren’t exactly the people who you want to like your work, the disapproval is actually a good sign.

  3. We must be on the same wave length because for the first 30 min of the movie, I was just like “Ok. We get it”

  4. We must be on the same wave length because for the first 30 min of the movie, I was just like “Ok. We get it”

  5. Yep, great review and completely agree. I honestly struggled to stay awake through it after the first act left me completely baffled and confused. And the meta joke was worth a giggle at first, but perpetuating it through much of the film was just a terrible move.

  6. Perfect review – I’m a fan of both the original and sci-fi, so please don’t take this one as an example of modern sci-fi. It’s not… I’d even go as far as to say it’s closer to fantasy. I only gave it two stars so I think you’re being generous.

  7. Probably one of the most disappointed most anticipated movies. The film had a lot of good / interesting concepts, but the overall execution was messy.

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