[REVIEW] ‘No Time to Die’ or Bond Makes Us Cry in 2021…

I must admit the James Bond franchise has never interested me much. Of the long running franchise I have only seen the Brosnan and Daniel Craig entries and they are a hit and miss bunch.

Now after seemingly endless delays we get the latest and final entry in the Craig saga of Bond films: No Time to Die. It’s not a perfect movie but it should more than satisfy Bond fans and I was happy with its emotional conclusion to a normally silly franchise.

Some may lament the loss of the stupid women and over-the-top action of past Bonds but I welcome the change. The franchise is finally making movies that appeal to me and make Bond into an actual person I care about. Plus you still get the pretty people and great stunts so win/win in my opinion.

If you want to get the full amount out of No Time To Die I recommend watching the previous film Spectre first. I have seen it but it has been a while so some of the plotpoints were lost on me and the film felt more than a little confused. It also definitely drags at times with the audience feeling the 163 minute runtime.

All that said, the action is well done. The movie is well shot with the style and panache you want from a Bond movie. Rami Malek makes for an intimidating and creepy villain. The little girl is cute. Léa Seydoux is fine as Madeleine although her and Craig don’t have much chemistry due probably partly from their large age gap (he’s 53, she’s 36).

My favorite part of No Time to Die is its humanity. It’s an emotional, gripping end to this version of Bond. Craig gives a great performance and like I said we actually care about the character this time around. That emotion is what makes it worth watching even with its flaws.

No Time to Die releases Oct 8th around the world. When you get a chance to see it let me know what you think  and how it compares to other Bond entries I might not have seen.

7 out of 10

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4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] ‘No Time to Die’ or Bond Makes Us Cry in 2021…

  1. I am definitely looking forward to this. Interestingly, Craig is the same age as Roger Moore was in For Your Eyes Only (1981) where the Bond girls were 23 and 32 respectively (but he turns down the advances of the teenager played by 21-year-old Lynn-Holly Johnson).

  2. Good review. I think that No Time is No Die offers a more “human” representation of Craig’s Bond, which adds to the character’s personal journey. I still love Casino Royale and Skyfall better, but its definitely better than Quantum of Solace and Spectre.

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