You’ve Got Mail Podcast

Anyone who follows this blog knows one of my all time favorite movies is the 1998 film You’ve Got Mail. I love pretty much everything about it especially Nora Ephron’s witty dialogue. It is perhaps my favorite remake ever and one of the best romantic comedies ever made. Recently my friend Christine sat down with me to talk about the film and why we love it and what it has to say about work, life, love and the human experience. It’s a really fun podcast that I think you will all enjoy. Give it a listen šŸ™‚Ā  You can also listen on itunes here.

4 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail Podcast

  1. This is one of my favorite all-time movies! Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan had such great chemistry, and this film was filled with hilarious lines, delivered with perfect timing. I adore the entire story, and it could not have been portrayed better.

      1. I enjoyed listening to you guys banter about it. You both reminded me of so many of my favorite parts and lines (I was eloquent! šŸ˜€ ). I wanted to be in the room, dishing with you about the film, and complaining about some of the characters. Now I seriously want to watch it again, along with some of my other favorite rom-com classics, like Sleepless in Seattle, and When Harry Met Sally. Have you ever reviewed Shakespeare in Love? That is another of my absolute favorite rom-coms.

      2. Thank you so much! Maybe we will have to have you on as a guest cohost sometime! I never have reviewed Shakespeare in Love but it’s a fun film. Thanks for the suggestion

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