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Today I got to see the latest Marvel film, Thor Ragnarok. This year Marvel has been a bit of a mixed bag for me. I was pretty disappointed in Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 and how it broke up the family/team dynamic of the original film. I liked Spider-man Homecoming for its teen vibe and good script, but I don’t know that I LOVED it as much as others. And so now we get to Thor Ragnarok and fortunately it was great! I’d say it is the best MCU film since Civil War.

The main asset to Thor Ragnarok is the witty script and incredibly likable actors. I LOVE Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as Thor and Loki respectively. I could watch them riff against each other all day. (Plus they are both so gorgeous I could really watch them all day! I even dug Thor and his short hair. LOL). Every scene with the two of them I couldn’t get enough of. I have liked both of the Thor movies more than most and my favorite part has always been Thor and Loki and that is continued here. They are funny and feel like real rivals. Anyone who has had a sibling rivalry will get a kick out of them.

And then the rest of the characters are great. I LOVED Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie. She was a tough girl that was a little boozy, and they only flirted with romance between her and Thor. There was no damsel in distress here!

Idris Elba is good as Heimdall. Cate Blanchett is a lot of fun as Hela, the God of Death (I don’t mind big bad old-school villains TBH).

Hulk was pretty amazing. We got a lot of time with the Hulk being Hulk and not Bruce Banner. Typically we have only seen Hulk come out before a battle in the MCU so to see him lounging about in hot tubs and the like was new and refreshing (and hilarious).

In the end, this movie will come down to if you think it is funny and I did. I laughed throughout from Taika Waititi’s great script and the comic timing of the actors. It worked for me. The MCU references were minimal and mostly at the start. The pacing works. I was never bored and unlike Guardians vol 2 I never grew irritated with the characters.

My only criticisms of the Thor Ragnarok is the CGI looked pretty bad throughout. There was particularly a giant wolf that reminded me of Twilight, which is not a good thing. It looked awful. Even with all their flaws, the Thor movies have always looked amazing.

Other than that, I was thoroughly entertained throughout. Marvel certainly knows how to make movies that make me smile!

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  1. I really liked the fresh perspective that director Taika Waititi brought to the MCU. He didn’t take the history so seriously and overload us with exposition. Marvel films have been funny before – Guardians of the Galaxy for example – but this was one of the funniest. Loved it all, even the special effects.

    1. Yeah agreed. They get rid of any MCU stuff early and then move on to a fresh and funny story

  2. I just saw this and thought it was a great popcorn film! There will be spoilers in this comment…

    Okay, first, I think you were right on the nose about Thor and Loki banter. I ended the movie feeling like if someone made a movie with nothing but to two of them talking, it’d be hilarious. The actor who plays Loki did a great job with his emoting and while the character is completely self serving, he didn’t strike me as unlikable (which makes Thor’s attachment to him in the earlier movies more relatable).

    Other characters did a great job, especially the Valkyeree (sp?) – and Hela’s sidekick (his ending was predictable, but I thought the actor did a great job saying a whole lot without saying anything.

    The weak points were in the times the movie tried for an emotion other than humor or adrenaline. The quips bracketing more serious scenes prevented them from having the weight I thought they should have had.

    Anyway, I liked the movie and appreciated your review.

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