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So occasionally I get behind on full written reviews and have to play catch up with a mini review post. Make sure you are following me on my youtube channel. I have started a new series on Wednesdays where I tell you what I’ve seen and how it ranks for the year (and how my ranking has changed over the week).

But let me share with you my thoughts on a bunch of films I have not reviewed on this blog.

How to Be a Latin Lover-

My friend Christina who is from South America really liked this so maybe I am not part of its audience because I did not find it funny. It’s definitely on an Adam Sandler level of humor. The one bright spot was Salma Hayek who glowed like a true movie star. He romantic subplot really worked and I wish the film had been about that instead

Overall Grade- D+

Brigsby Bear-

This is a film the more I think about it the more I like it. It’s a very original unique story about a man who lives in a sealed environment set free in the real world. He must deal with a lot of new stuff and scarring and he does that through making a movie about his childhood obsession with a TV show called Brigsby Bear. It is a very sweet movie with a great heart and it is filmed right in my neighborhood! It is a tribute to the power of creative thinking, movies and movie making.  It does lag in a few spots is my only critique but it’s one I just keep thinking about.

Overall Grade- B+

Ingrid Goes West-

A brilliant movie about our social media addictions but it is more than that. It touches on modern loneliness and our need to be liked by people on social media. It also speaks to our societies complete inability to deal with people facing a mental health crisis (or helping it not get to that point). I related to Ingrid far more than I should have…

Overall Grade- A- (R Rated mostly for language, drug use, mild sensuality and brief violence)

Patti  Cake$-

A sweet underdog story of an overweight New Jersey girl who dreams of being a rapper. It is predictable but I don’t mind that if it is executed well and this is. The performances, particularly the lead, are all strong and a nice example of functioning urban diversity we don’t often see. My only flaw with the film is often the crowd was laughing at things I found sad so I felt like I wasn’t in on a lot of the jokes. It was very odd.

Overall Grade- B (R Rated mostly for language but there is drug use and sensuality)


A harmless animated film that will entertain young girls who dream of being a ballerina. The animation looks nice and they will enjoy it. However, I did have some issues as an adult. I got kind of bored with the predictable story and I thought the lead girl got everything too easily. It’s great to tell kids to dream big but not when the dreams come without hard work. She’s also not punished for being dishonest and unkind on several occasions.

Overall Grade- C (for little girls I’d give it a C+)

Justice League Dark-

Redemption for DC animated films after the disaster that was last year’s The Killing Joke. I really liked these new characters particularly Zatanna and Constantine. They had interesting powers and personalities. I liked Zatanna so much I bought her comic book collection and am reading them right now. It’s dark without becoming dour and depressing. You don’t really need Batman here but I guess DC felt he had to be there. Still very entertaining animated DC film.

Overall Grade- B+

Book of Henry-

A movie you can’t really believe is real while you are watching it. It’s part sentimental family story and part how to murder your neighbor with a little childhood illness thrown in for good measure. Almost every line of dialogue and character choice felt off and the tone is a complete disaster. There’s nothing more funny than a bad movie that is completely sincere so it is definitely worth a watch for the train-wreck it is. I haven’t seen a so bad it’s good movie on this level since Walt Before Mickey.

Overall Grade- D-

The Girl Without Hands-

A beautiful indie animated film basically made by one man- Sebastien Laudenbach. I loved the way the animation moved and flowed together like watching water. It tells the Grimm’s Fairytale of a girl who’s father foolishly sells her to the devil for money. She ends up losing her hands but the devil can’t quite capture her because of her determination. This is animation for adults but not because it is offensive but it is mature with themes of birth, pain, death and sorrow. I really loved it and encourage you to see if you can find it near you. The music is also amazing.  I reviewed it in more detail on

Overall Grade- A-

So there you have it. Let me know what you think of these films and what you have been watching lately! Thanks so much for reading my blog. Sure love ya!

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  1. Surprised you saw Latin Lover and Ingrid; I thought they would be too R-rated for you. Where in South America is your friend from? And what did you think of seeing Raquel Welch in the movie?

    I’m torn if I really wanna see Book of Henry or just trust everyone’s opinion on it, lol!

    1. Latin Lover is PG13. You should definitely rent Book of Henry and have a good laugh. I think my friend is from Argentina but I’m not positive

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