Are We Pre-Judging Emoji Movie Too Much?

It’s no secret I am not the biggest fan of Sony Animation and their upcoming release The Emoji Movie looks like a dubious enterprise. It has on its surface all the trappings of a cheap attempt to monetize a trend while it’s still hot instead of doing something creative. It also feels very derivative of other movies like Wreck-it Ralph, Inside Out, Lego Movie and more.

However, today they released the opening sequence and it is very pun heavy but honestly it doesn’t look that bad.

Could The Emoji Movie be good? Is that possible? Maybe? It’s hard for me to get over a literal piece of  poo as a character in a movie. That’s the biggest stumbling block for me. Plus, their initial Meh trailer was one of the worst trailers I’ve ever seen.

On the other hand, the last trailer wasn’t that bad and the idea of a world inside a phone could be clever? This is the year where I liked a movie with a character named Professor Poopypants and another movie about talking cars aging, so it could happen? They have a good voice cast and there was a bidding war over this script so somebody saw potential there. (Yes, there really was a bidding war over The Emoji Movie).

You also have this lovely image to give you nightmares:

What do you think about The Emoji Movie? Is there any hope for it or does it look like garbage? Are you planning on seeing it?  I guess at least this is the one movie where Sony product placement makes sense. I expect to see many a Sony phone throughout.

14 thoughts on “Are We Pre-Judging Emoji Movie Too Much?

  1. I saw a trailer for it before Spider-Man and it instantly reminded me of Inside Out. I won’t be rushing to the theatre to watch it but I’ll probably check it out at home.

    1. LOL. If we are it is partly their fault like with the terrible marketing and trailer

  2. I am feeling totally comfortable of pre-judging movies of companies and/or franchises which have failed to deliver quality so far. If the reviews are good contrary to expectations, I might give it a chance, though.

    1. You’re probably right. When they have poop as a character they are asking for it

  3. Will you be checking it out at the cinemas? I really appreciate your opinion on movies 😊.
    It’s a movie that I’m not going to go to the cinema to see (due to some movies I’m desperate to see later in the year) but might watch it at home depending on reviews 😃

  4. Also I would have preferred a story about how the emojis go from phone to phone and the adventures they may have in the phones of other people – do the emojis change with different phones? Can emojis escape phones? Do emojis sleep when people turn there phones off? Maybe a love story where two emojis get split up and they both get convinced that there are many others of the same emoji but they keep saying “no, he/she was different?
    Those ideas have been better than a forced message of “you don’t have to be one emotion” which just seems copied from Inside Out which did it SO perfectly.

      1. I like this idea of jumping between phones. That would require different owners and make it less predictable

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