Best and Worst of Disneytoons I’ve Seen

Clearly I love animation given this blog but that doesn’t mean I love all animation. And for the most part I don’t care for Disneytoons animation. My poor blogger friend Animatedkid just finished his Disneytoons Canon review and it almost ruined him. Like he almost gave up blogging at one point. I can promise you one thing I will never review the Disneytoons Canon!

disneytoonsBut there are a few good to decent films out of Disneytoons. I thought it would be fun to share with you my list of the best and worst of Disneytoons (Worst is much easier to come up with in this case!)


10. Planes: Fire and Rescue- it’s not a great movie but for its target demographic I didn’t think it was that bad. The animation is actually quite good and the story I thought was ok.

9. Cinderella 3- got problems especially with Anastasia’s character but I feel like they actually tried to tell a new story. It’s creative and there’s some decent animation with the final carriage chase.

8. Tigger Movie- I admit been a while since I’ve seen any of the Winnie the Pooh sequels but this is the one I remember liking the most. Tigger searches for his family and I remember that being a sweet story.

7. Lion King 2- decent follow up to the Lion King. It is similar and misses Jeremy Irons but it’s an ok watch. I like some of the songs like He Lives in You and My Lullaby

6. Great Fairy Rescue- a good story where Vidia tricks Tink into getting caught by a little girl who’s father won’t believe her about fairies. Good animation and good voice talent. Get to see the entire team which I like and Tink, Lizzie and Vidia learn nice lessons

5. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas- who doesn’t like Mickey? And the 3 stories are cute for Christmas.

4. The Three Musketeers- an enjoyable take on the Dumas story with Donald, Goofy and Mickey. Got to like that!

3.  The Pirate Fairy- my favorite of the Tinker Bell movies. I like the addition of Zarina who becomes the pirate fairy and all the Easter eggs to Peter Pan. And come on it has Tom Hiddleston as Captain Hook! Loki in a Disney movie! But the animation is good and it’s a decent story

2. Ducktales Movie- think of it as Indiana Jones for kids. It’s a fun treasure hunt with our favorite characters from Ducktales. The animation is pretty good and I like all the voice work. It’s unpredictable with all the wishing and the lamp and all.

1.A Goofy Movie- a movie with a ton of heart, some good songs and a nice story about Goofy and Max going on a road trip (unwillingly by Max). I think most teens can relate to Max but it isn’t too heavy handed with the messaging.


10.Planes- I don’t think this is awful but it is pretty boring. The sequel is definitely better in my opinion.

9. Little Mermaid 2- I give it a bit of a pass because I love Little Mermaid but if I’m honest it’s pretty awful. The animation is terrible and it’s a copy of the original film without any of what makes it special. There is one decent song but the rest are lame.

8. Mulan 2- I appreciate that they tried to tackle arranged marriages and feminism in a way but it comes across as very preachy and stupid. I don’t like how Mushu is suddenly against Shang and it’s just a let down from the bold characters of the original film.

7. Tarzan 2- I don’t really like these midquels because they play too much with the original story. I guess this is ok for very small children but thoroughly lame.

6. Atlantis: Milo’s Return- I love the original Atlantis: the Lost Empire but I am one of the few. This was a series that was made and combined together to make a movie and it shows. It doesn’t flow together and all of the mystery and fun of the original is lost.

5. Fox and the Hound 2- a midquel that takes Todd and Copper and has them join a country hoedown band. Just what you always wanted…

4. Beauty and the Beast: the Enchanted Christmas- another midquel that annoys me. It doesn’t make any sense given the original movie. If the Beast had a big Christmas party I don’t think they would be storming the castle in a few months…and besides that it’s just thoroughly lame.

3. Pocahontas 2- I can see how someone can ignore the historical inaccuracies of the first Pocahontas but this is just too much. Just no is all I have to say

2. Cinderella 2- 3 terrible stories combined into one movie. They are trite, lame and poorly animated. The worst is when Jacques gets turned into a human so he can learn that size doesn’t matter…Groan.

1. Hunchback of Notre Dame 2- I am no fan of the original Hunchback of Notre Dame but even I know this sequel sucks. It takes any subtlety or message of the original and stomps it on the ground. Suddenly we have a love interest for Quasi and a bell with jewels on the inside because beauty is found inside…double groan. It’s awful.

So there you have it my best and worst of Disneytoons!

6 thoughts on “Best and Worst of Disneytoons I’ve Seen

  1. Good article! I hated Fox and the Hound 2 so thanks for calling that one out lol.

    The Tinker Bell movies are surprisingly decent given their target audience. The animation and soundtrack really work for me. I actually think they have the workings of a TV series there, expanding the universe of Pixie Hollow. Of the movies, my favorite is the first one.

    1. Thanks! Fox and the Hound 2 really is awful. I agree with the Tinker Bell movies. They are well done. They did a special on TV called thr Pixie Games but I agree the characters could handle being part of series. I think that would be fun

  2. Have you ever watched Aladdin and the King of Thieves? That along with A Goofy Movie and the Teacher’s Pet movie are my top 3 favorites from DisneyToons. ^.^

  3. Haven’t seen all of these, but those I have I saw years ago as a kid. Now and at the time, I can’t say I had any strong opinion on all the lesser sequels. I couldn’t really hate them because they were all just so forgettable.
    I do like your top ten though. I always enjoyed Mickey’s Once upon a Christmas and the Three Musketeers, but my favorite is definitely A Goofy Movie. That Michael Jackson-ish song at the end is awesome. An Extremely Goofy Movie was pretty good too.

  4. I re-watched Stitch! The Movie (the first Lilo & Stitch sequel) twice this summer. It’s not as good as I remember it, but little kids will like it. My top three Disney Toon movies would probably be The Pirate Fairy at number three, Aladdin and the King of Thieves at number two, and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins at number one.

    1. Great list. I havent seen Buzz Lightyear in a while but I remember liking it. Totally agree on Pirate Fairy. King of Thieves it’s been a while but it’s cool they got back Robin Williams. I’ve heard good things about the Stitch movies. Thanks so much for commenting

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