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alice-through-the-looking-glass-poster-aliceIf you guys read my response to the Beauty and the Beast trailer you might have an inkling I’m not the biggest fan of these Disney live action remakes. Even the Jungle Book I didn’t like as much as others; although I certainly enjoyed it. The only one I have really LOVED is Cinderella. It’s odd because I’m not normally opposed to remakes on principle but have found the decision making on Disney’s part to be very disappointing.

And unfortunately these bad choices all started with 2010’s Alice in Wonderland. It’s like Disney doesn’t even understand the appeal of their own properties. They certainly don’t understand the appeal of Alice in Wonderland I can tell you that. But to everyone’s confusion the 2010 film made over a billion dollars. It’s so odd because only one person I know really likes it. Alice is kind of like Disney’s version of Transformers- everyone hates it and yet it still made a lot of money?

So it is perhaps no surprise a sequel to such a hit would come. To tell the truth I’m surprised it didn’t come sooner. Many are calling Alice Through the Looking Glass ‘the sequel that nobody wanted’ and after seeing the film I must concur. As bad as the 2010 film is this is even worse.

alice bookTo begin with, don’t let the title fool you.  This movie has almost nothing to do with the Lewis Caroll book Alice Through the Looking Glass. I recently read both Alice books and found them to be delightful. You can read my review here. I actually think the novel has potential as it has a bit more narrative than the first book. Alice ends up in a chess game where she must outwit various players including Humpty Dumpty and the White/Red Queens. This could have been a nice middle-ground between the prophetic narrative of the 2010 film (ugh) and the nonsense of the animated  film but no they abandoned it for some reason. I actually wonder if director James Bobbin and producer Tim Burton have read either of the Alice books…

alice 2No, in this version you have Alice (a bland Mia Wasikowska) who has been a sea captain outwitting all the men around the world (literally…ugh). She ends up returning to Underland to help The Hatter who is heartsick over his dead family. He wants Alice to bring his family back from the dead for him. Quite the request I’d say! And the weird part is the movie assumes this great friendship between the Hatter and Alice which I don’t recall being established in the first movie. My thought was ‘why doesn’t the Hatter get off his butt and go find his family? Why must Alice do it?”. He’s even kind of cranky when she tells him she has no power over death…

alice5It turns out there is a way to help when Alice goes into a clock and literally meets Time (Sacha Baron Cohen). At great peril to all of Underland she steals a chronosphere and goes back in time to undo what hurt the Hatters family.

This all could be good but it is unfortunately very dopey. The worst part is when you find out what kept the White and Red Queen apart you won’t believe it. It’s one of those movie things that a 3 minute conversation could make right and this disagreement caused the war in the first movie. It caused all kinds of misery and all over desserts…I kid you not.


The key to a story like this working is the chemistry of the cast and the believability of the world building. Neither of that exists here. I wasn’t a fan of the artistic style of the first film but admit it was a style. This is very generic (although a little brighter).

Johnny Depp is annoying as the Hatter. Anne Hathaway deserves a Razzie award as the White Queen. Helena Bonham Carter shrieks a lot. Alan Rickman literally has 3 lines as Absolem (so disappointed this has to be his final role).  Most of the side characters are marginalized and not heard from and instead we get the dopey relationship drama between the two queens and Alice messing things up.

It’s frustrating because it has all of the pieces to make something good. I would actually love a good Alice in Wonderland movie but instead we get this.

All I can really say for it is that the costumes are well done and it is less violent than the first film, so I guess you can take kids to it. But save your money for Finding Dory. Even Angry Birds is better than this. See Jungle Book again but skip Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Overall Grade- D

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23 thoughts on “Alice Through the Looking Glass Review

  1. Nearly on 1000 subscribers. Just crazy. You haven’t been as tight as other critics. On the Roger Ebert website they gave it 0 stars, saying that he had to take his eyeballs out and wash them

    1. Ha! I save those reviews for Adam Sandler movies…That’s a good line though. Thanks for reading the blog and subscribing to the channel. Are you going to see Alice Through the Looking Glass? Even my friend who loved the original gave it a D+

  2. I may see it so I can do a video on it. The only problem is, it will feel like I am forcing myself to watch it which can sometimes ruin a film for me. Anyway, speaking of Adam Sandler, he’s released a new film called the do-over which is apparently better than this film according to the same critic.

    1. I find it hard to believe it could be worse than the movies he made last year but then I always seem to say that with Sandler and he always obliges

    1. True but Ridiculous 6 was so bad…Jack and Jill is one of worst movies I’ve ever seen

    1. Yeah that rivalry is stupid. Aside from Civil War comic book movies have really let me down this year

  3. Even John Candy , my fav actor, made bad films. But he learnt from his mistakes which Sandler does not. I’m sure he tries but trying only gets you so far in today’s world

    1. Thankfully not much! Phew! For once America doesnt love a horrible Disney remake

  4. “As bad as the 2010 film is this is even worse.” I didn’t want to believe that, but it truly is. The last one has such a bad reputation. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. I walked into this with an open mind. Unfortunately the extreme animosity this getting is justified. The costumes are good and maybe Sacha Baron Cohen. That’s about it.

    1. Yeah all hail Colleen Atwood because her costumes are best part of this movie. At least it’s not going to mysteriously make tons of money like the first and Maleficent. The more I think about the tart situation the more ridiculous it is.

  5. I did not watch the first, and am definitely not wanting to see this! I like the animated version in some ways, but the live action looks insane!

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