Captain America: Civil War and Ranking MCU

Hey guys! I just wanted to share my Captain America: Civil War review I posted to youtube tonight. I will write up a more in depth review after I get to see it again. I was super entertained by the film.

I also did a really fun podcast style video with my friend Matthew where we ranked the MCU films. This is long, 2 hours, but if you are looking for something while doing work or driving I think you’ll enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War and Ranking MCU

  1. Definitely a darker film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nothing wrong with that, as this film has a lot more emotional depth. Still a nice balance with several humorous moments too. In a film full of many highs, I didn’t expect Ant-Man & Spider-Man to be at the very top. Both get hilarious scenes. Because of the Marc Webb reboot, I honestly wasn’t looking forward to another Spider-Man movie series, but based on what I saw here, I am willing to embrace it now.

    P.S. Sing Street review is still coming. Have no fear! 😉

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