The Choice Movie Review

the choiceOnly have a sec tonight but wanted to share with you all my review of the latest Nicholas Sparks’ movie adaptation- The Choice.

You can probably tell from my expression in the thumbnail I strongly recommend you not make the choice to see The Choice.  I liked last year’s Longest Ride and gave it a B-.  I thought they had good chemistry and the story wasn’t half bad.  But this is just awful.  Terrible acting, writing, and chemistry between the leads.

The strangest thing in my eyes was the cakey, odd make-up and sullen lighting.  That’s something these types of movies usually nail.

Instead of seeing The Choice, make the choice to find Brooklyn instead.  Now that is a great romance!

Overall Grade- F

4 thoughts on “The Choice Movie Review

  1. An F? Wow, been a while since you gave a movie that.

    All Nicholas Sparks movies seem to be the same: boy and girl meet, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl have sex, boy and girl have some falling out, boy and girl try to get back together, and somebody dies (and not necessarily in that order).

    The only 2 that I liked were The Notebook (and that’s only because it kept me occupied; I didn’t care for the characters and felt so bad for Martha Shaw throughout the film) and A Walk to Remember.

    1. Yeah I felt it deserved an F because even the production values (makeup, hair etc) were terrible. Usually I can at least say it’s nice looking junk but not this time. No chemistry, terrible script, terrible acting. The films I gave Ds to at least had 1 of those things going for it.
      I just couldn’t find any reason to not give it an F but it hasn’t been that long. Gave one to Norm of the North. But I give Fs sparingly. That way you know I really mean it and it is really deserved!
      You are absolutely right about Nicholas Sparks movies.

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