Tangled vs Frozen

I thought this was pretty brilliant from the Nostalgia Critic:

So I will say my peace on the issue.

I like both movies!!!  Both make my top 10 Disney Canon films.  Tangled is at 4, Frozen is at 7.  So I guess that makes me a true hipster!  I refuse to take a side.

Here’s the thing’s I like about both films.

Tangled- It’s Disney’s first romantic comedy.  The banter between Flynn and Rapunzel is just great.  They feel like a real couple and the fact Rapunzel accepts Flynn, even prefers him as Eugene is so lovely.  Flynn’s sacrifice for Rapunzel is something we’ve really only seen in Beauty and the Beast.  Usually it is the woman or princess in a Disney film that is incapacitated and the prince rescuing her (ie Sleeping Beauty, Snow White etc).  We even have Aladdin where he refuses to make the sacrifice for Jasmine- for good reason so he can free the Genie but she is nevertheless a subordinate to his choices. Here Rapunzel decides if she can save Flynn. That’s great.

We also have Flynn narrating the film and a variety of both male characters that make Tangled appeal to both boys and girls.  This is balanced by Rapunzel being such a likable character and Mother Gothel being a terrific villain.  You could say there is something for everyone in Tangled!

The action is really fun in Tangled and the animation is wonderful.  I had sworn off animation for a long time.  Aside from Pixar films I wasn’t seeing it or watching it.  Then I went to Tangled with my siblings and the lanterns in 3D blew me away.  I’ll never forget it.

A lot of people are tough on the songs but I enjoy them.  I like the fun songs like I Have a Dream and When Will My Life Begin?.  I LOVE the villain song Mother Knows Best and I think the romantic ballad is very sweet in I See the Light.

I also agree with Doug, Maximus and Pascal are fantastic comic relief and overall Tangled is an entertaining, beautiful, heartwarming film.  It’s also one of Disney’s most rewatchable.


Frozen- It’s Disney’s first true Broadway musical.  Yes, their films have been retconned into Broadway musicals like Lion King, Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, but those films are more of a classical sound, where Frozen is Broadway in all it’s belting glory.  As a huge Broadway buff that was such a thrill! The Lopez’ songs and getting the divine Idina Menzel to sing the part of Elsa put Frozen on another level than any other Disney film for me.

There are some holes in the backstory with Frozen but there are with Beauty and the Beast and neither bothers me a bit.  A good movie will sweep you up so you don’t mind those leaps.  Again, I’m just sharing my OPINION, so if it differs from yours, that’s awesome.

The thing I like about the backstory with Elsa is that unlike Ariel (who I think she mirrors in many ways) Elsa is told if she messes up or rebels, she will kill her sister.  That’s entirely different than Ariel’s grotto being destroyed or other threats.  This keeps her hidden and fearful and it is empowering when she finally does ‘let it go’! At least it was for me. Can you imagine what a burden it is to worry what makes you, you could kill someone? And then to finally be free from that burden?

A couple things that make Frozen special is it is the first Disney princess movie with 2 princesses and I think that is great.  It’s nice to have 2 characters to enjoy and I like both story arcs (again just my OPINION!).  We even get Disney’s first Queen! Elsa is actually coronated as Queen, which I think is part of what makes her such a compelling character.  She’s got power both ostensibly and inside her own body.

I know some people don’t like the ending.  Fair enough but I thought it was pure truth.  I have 3 sisters and the struggle of Anna to try and understand her sister I really related too.  I also related to Elsa and her struggle to be her true self.  When they save each other I thought it was moving.

I also enjoy Kristoff and find him a likable, sarcastic, funny character.  His interactions with Sven are very funny.  I like Olaf and find him funnier than Maximus and Pascal to be honest.  Part of that is Josh Gad’s endearing vocal performance.  He also experiences more character growth than many Disney sidekicks- going from the goofy snowman who likes summer, to the one who is willing to melt for a friend.

I know people like to hate on Frozen, but I love it.  I really do.

But I also know people that are very tough on Tangled, and I love that too.

What’s wrong with liking both?  I like most Disney movies for goodness sakes.  In many ways I feel the two movies compliment each other well.  I think they are kind of this generations Little Mermaid (Frozen) and Beauty and the Beast (Tangled).  I think it is great girls have both stories to dive into just like I did as a little girl.  Neither movie has done damage or been bad for my nieces or other little girls to watch.  In fact, they have had  a great time with both.

So I refuse to pick a side.  I’m team ‘I love Disney Princess Movies’.  What’s it too you!

I already know a bunch of you are Team Tangled.  That’s cool. Feel free to explain why but try to be respectful.  Remember- neither is Norm of the North! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Tangled vs Frozen

  1. I love both movies a lot! But if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be Tangled! Maybe some of it is because I have watched Frozen more times than I can count!:)

    1. That’s actually close to my view as well. If I was forced I would put Tangled slightly above (4th vs 7th place) but gratefully can enjoy both. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love Tangled. I think it’s a great movie and it’s definitely one of my favourite Disney movies.

    While I like Frozen, I do think it’s overrated and there were some issues that I had with it that prevented me from loving the film. Maybe, when I watch it a few more times I might end up loving it. So for now I guess that means I’m on Team Tangled.:-)

  3. You know how I feel – I absolutely love Tangled while Frozen is in my eyes a deeply flawed movie and one of the mediocre Disney outings.
    But I think the real reason why the discussion exists is because a lot of people feel that Frozen gets too much credit for having a dig at the classics. Something I personally HATE, since the older Disney princess movies do a way better job of creating compelling female characters than Frozen does with its pseudo-feminist message.

  4. It is brilliant that you refuse to take a side in this. I do not dislike either film, but the thing that got me to lower my expectations is the huge hype that people give to certain films before it is even released.

    What I can say is that both films evoked strong emotions in me, which is better than me thinking “eh” at the end of a movie. I still do think Frozen is a flawed movie that has a lot of good to it, and that Tangled is a bit too DreamWorks-ish for me, but it is garnering attention to the company.

    There is also the thing that swanpride mentioned about the forced feminism in a lot of the more recent movies (Brave is included in this). A lot of the other movies have been subverting some of these tropes, or making the characters equal for a while beforehand, but get no credit.

    I think what bothers me the most about this Frozen vs Tangled debate is that some people are just too disrespectful with their opinions, act like what they are saying is a fact, and take the fun out of discussing animation. It really is not that serious at the end of the day. No need to be personal.

    1. That’s so true. Especially when both properties mean a lot to little girls. It bums me out when I see people being so mean-spirited about a princess movie for goodness sakes. #Teambenice

    1. It’s a topic that requires much contemplation. 😉 I feel like in world at large it’s Team Frozen but the internet world it’s Team Tangled. But glad we have both to enjoy.

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