700 Subscribers Answers

Hi guys!  A week or so ago I requested my blog readers and youtubers  submit questions for me to answer in honor of my 700th youtube subscriber.  Here is the video.  You can jump right ahead to your question if you want using the time stamp in the description section.  Thanks for the great questions!

If you have comments on my answers feel free to put it in the comments section and let’s talk.  On to more vlogging and blogging fun!

2 thoughts on “700 Subscribers Answers

  1. Thanks for answering my questions! Is the reason that your parents and friends aren’t into movies, in general, have anything to do with Mormon perspective on films and things like that? Or is it just a personal thing?

    1. They were fun questions. I’d say it’s a combination of religion and personal tastes. Our religion encourages us to be careful about media we watch but my parents are particularly not interested in that kind of thing

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