4 thoughts on “In the Heart of the Sea Review

  1. Hmm…I wasn’t that interested to begin with and now I’m even less interested. When they moved this film from March to December, I was a bit puzzled, like did they think this was such a good film that it’ll get all the December folks to come see it?

    1. I know. I assumed it was moved to be an Oscar contender so that was part of reason I was pretty excited for it. I’d be shocked if you liked it.

  2. Using your grading scale, I’d probably give this a C+/C. I didn’t outright hate it, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone either.

    If people are simply going to see this to stare Chris Hemsworth, they should know that he looks absolutely horrible in the second half of this film. I didn’t even recognize him after awhile. Kudos to him for going the extra mile to physically embody the role though.

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