November Youtube Videos

So considering I was doing Nanowrimo I think I did pretty well on my youtube channel in November.  Most of the videos I shared with you already but there are a few I haven’t.  Here you go! Would love your feedback.  If you haven’t subscribed or given thumbs up I’d appreciate it.

This video is my monthly summary of films I saw in the theater.  It was a pretty good month for us movie fans.

My Family Movie Night review of White Christmas

This is called The Chocolate tag where I get to talk about both books and movies.

My Family Movie Night Review of Chicken Run

My Family Movie Night Review of High School Musical

My Family Movie Night Review of Fox and the Hound

My Family Movie Night review of Disney Animated Short Collection


I have also been doing videos on my Top 50 Animated Countdown you will want to check out.

7 thoughts on “November Youtube Videos

      1. I like Fred Astaire better in other films like Funny Face, Daddy Long Legs or Easter Parade. To me there isn’t enough of a story for Holiday Inn and some parts are uncomfortable to watch. But I can see why it has its appeal too.

      2. Yeah, I guess the blackface scene does put off some people. Isn’t there blackface in White Christmas too?

        And yeah, I LOVE Funny Face! Fred Astaire AND Audrey Hepburn?! What more could you want?

        Are you going to see Roman Holiday in theaters when they re-release it?

      3. No blackface in White Christmas. There’s the minstral number which makes me cringe a little but nothing that far.
        Funny you ask because I’m seeing Roman Holiday tomorrow!

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