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hotel trans2Can we all pass around a petition or something that will tell Adam Sandler he should only make animated films?  But then again there was 8 Crazy Nights a while back so he is by no means a homerun in animated films either.  Still, his best films by far of the last decade have been the Hotel Transylvania movies.  That’s definitely damning by faint praise but it is nonetheless true.

It’s weird trying to write a review of Hotel Transylvania 2 because I had a good time watching it but I can’t think of a whole lot to say in its defense.  Does that ever happen to you?  You like something almost in spite of itself?

Well, Hotel Transylvania 2 picks up where the fun but forgettable first installment left off with Dracula’s (Sandler) daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) getting married to Johnny (Andy Samburg) and then having a little boy named Dennis or Denisovich as the Count likes to call him.

hoteltrans2-2The Count is a doting grandfather and loves Dennis but is constantly preoccupied on whether he is a vampire or not.  He is a ‘late fanger’ as they like to say and has till he is 5 to get his vampire fangs.  If he doesn’t then he, Mavis and Johnny will have to move back to California where Dennis can be safe.

hotel trans2-3Leaving Dennis with Count Mavis and Johnny go to California to check it out and meet his parents (Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally who should be cast in more voice work.  She’s great!).  Mavis is thrilled with all the nighttime 24 hour options in California.

Back at the hotel Count has his friends from the first film Frankenstein (Kevin James), Invisible Man (David Spade), Blobby, and Mummy (Keegan-Michael Key who evidently is in every comedy of 2015).  They decide to try and scare the fangs out of Dennis and take him on a vacation of their greatest haunts much to Mavis’ anger.

They also end up involving Count’s old school father Vlad (Mel Brooks who is underused in the film)

hotel trans2-5That’s basically the plot.  It’s a silly comedy but it did make me laugh.  I particularly liked a repeated joke  with the Phantom of the Opera singing. The tangents with in California and on the scare quest take away from the humor and the ending drags on and is too maudlin.  But overall it is a pleasant amiable film that is aimed at kids with little to none of the adults only humor I didn’t care for in Minions.   I also laughed a lot more than in Minions from start to finish.

The animation is also nicely done led by the great GEnndy Tartakovsky.  The colors are bright and the characters are surprising and fun.

The voice talent all works but the cast is so large that some of my favorites are woefully underused such as Mel Brooks and Fran Drescher (who I know some hate but I’ve loved her ever since The Nanny).  She has maybe 3 lines in the entire movie. Dana Carvey, Jon Lovitz, Chris Parnell, Nick Offerman are hilarious actors and they are given very little to do.

FILM STILL - HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 - Frank (Kevin James and Jonathan (Andy Samberg) watch the birthday celebration of Dennis (Ashler Blinkoff, center) with Wanda (Molly Shannon), Dracula (Adam Sandler), Mavis (Selena Gomez), Mike (Nick Offerman) and Linda (Megan Mullally) in Columbia Pictures and Sony Picture Animation's HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2.

And yet the running time is 89 minutes!  I told a friend of mine ‘if Bambi can tell its story in 70 minutes Hotel Transylvania 2 doesn’t need 89).  They could definitely cut out the animated dance number at the end- a trend in animation carried over from the 2000s that I really hate

Hotel Transylvania 2 is a movie made for kids without a ton of grown-up appeal but I did laugh a fair amount.  More than I did in Minions and definitely more than Dreamworks’ Home. It has better animation, writing and story than either of those films.

So take that review for what it is worth.  I would wait and get it from the redbox or rent it.  Have some laughs and enjoy a moderately entertaining animated film. Nothing more, nothing less.

Overall Grade- C

Here’s my video review

9 thoughts on “Hotel Transylvania 2 Review

    1. Yeah that’s a good point. I think you are right. The animation is definitely better than direct to dvd level.

  1. I just saw this film earlier tonight. I would probably give it a B. I thought it was really funny as well. However, I thought there were one or two things that were a little convoluted such as the address to Count Drac’s Dad’s place having the numbers 666 and things like that. Also, it may have been a little bit of a cliche with Havis and Johnny having a mini fight towards the end when she found out that her husband and her dad were plotting to get Dennis to be a vampire and things like that. Aside from that, I thought it was an enjoyable film and possibly better than the first film. Oh, and I thought that the bike tricks that Mavis performed were really amazing as well. Anyway, great review once again!

    1. All good points. Dont get too caught up in the rating. I think we enjoyed it on about the same level. It’s an entertaining comedy if not perfect. I don’t know if I liked it better than first because I felt the first used the cast a little bit better but they are close.

      And those were some good moves. 🙂

    2. So far this year given As to only When Marnie was There and Inside Out. Bs to Shaun the Sheep, Cheatin, Spongebob, and the Prophet. Cs to HT2, Maya the Bee, un Gallo con Muchos Huevos, and Minions. Ds to Home and Strange Magic. No Fs. I feel good about that ordering but I understand when people disagree. That’s the fun of talking about film but always look at the review more than the grade because often I am quite praiseworthy of my C and even D films (they arent total failures after all)

  2. I couldn’t think of many things to say about this film too which is why I didn’t post a review of it.

    Um…It was ok….that’s basically all I can say for it. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t horrible….it was ok…I dunno if I’d watch it again, but….it was ok. I much preferred Minions to this!

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