Did the Right Film Win? 2010 Animated Oscars

Hi guys!  The next year is up in my review of the animated Oscars.  We are at 2010 and this is the first year where I really think the academy got it wrong with the Tangled snub.

I think Tangled was the best animated film of 2010 for a lot of reasons.  First, it looks beautiful and I saw it in 3D and scenes like the lanterns was breathtaking.  I also love Rapunzel because she isn’t weak like an Aurora but she’s also not a cliched warrior woman.  She has pieces of both inside her.  I think Flynn is a great character and I LOVE Mother Gothel.  I also like the music unlike some people.

Anyway I think they got it wrong but that’s what they did.  Here are my thoughts on the 3 nominees.

The Illusionist is by the Sylvain Chomet who directed The Triplets of Belleville.  It is from a screenplay by the French actor, director, mime Jacques Tati.  It basically tells the story of a magician who is old fashioned and can’t get a good gig.

He meets a girl who is in awe at his tricks.  He buys her presents because her adulation feels so good.  The animation is beautiful but I didn’t respond to the film.  I never felt like I got into the heart of the magician.  It kept me at a distance which made the tragic story less compelling.

The next nominee is How to Train Your Dragon which is one of my favorite Dreamworks films.  I really like the character of Hiccup and find the story of his bonding with Toothless to be very engaging.  I have a few little complaints with the Jay Baruchel vocals, the treatment of the Astrid character and some of the design of the dragons but they are minor.  It also has a lovely message about having the courage to see things in a totally new way and from a new perspective.

I just wrote about Toy Story 3 so I won’t repeat myself too much.  It’s a beautifully animated, thrilling prison escape movie.  The villain is menacing and the ending is pitch perfect for the Andy part of the series.

In my opinion the right film won of those 3 nominees.  What would you pick?

26 thoughts on “Did the Right Film Win? 2010 Animated Oscars

  1. I think Toy Story 3 deserved to win. How to Train Your Dragon was very good as well but I’m not a fan of Tangled for reasons I might explain better at another time.

      1. To be honest I thought Flynn’s voice was too modern and wrong for the film, but I felt that way about much of the dialogue as well.

      2. That’s cool. Art is subjective and this is just my opinion. They are actually quite different films in tone and story so tough comparison. But I do like Dragon so we can agree it is a good film

  2. I can live with Toy Story 3 winning, even though I think the movie is a little bit overrated. But Tangled not even getting a nomination? It is an outrage! In addition this was the year in which Disney pulled back from the Annies out of protest over the voting system and as a result, DreamWorks got more or less all the awards with the exception of those categories in which they didn’t have an entry.

      1. Yeah it doesnt keep me from liking the film but I agree. It’s a very annoying voice and a problem with the film.

      2. I like Hiccup because of how average and not physically fit he is. It makes him easy to relate to. There’s a droll cheerfulness to the voice that I think is charming.

      3. I can see that. Hiccup is a good character. I just personally dont think the voice fits with the rest of the movie. It’s too modern and kind of grating to my ear. To me it sticks out and is a little distracting but many like it as you do which is cool. I find it less annoying in 2nd

      4. Really? You should. It’s better IMO than first. A lot more original and creative.

      5. Ha. You’re so funny about that movie. People like different things sometimes. That’s life!

      6. Sorry just rewatched Kung fu Panda 2 and liked it. I know you want me to hate it but I’ve got to be honest with my response. I liked the action. I liked it was a team and the Furious 5 were fleshed out. I liked the animation. I liked the villain much better. And most importantly way less of the cheeky humor and it had a nice heart to it. Sorry

      7. I really wasn’t taking it that seriously. I meant it a little tongue in cheek but that might not have translated. Anyway, take care 🙂

    1. I agree. It really is an outrage. I always figured The Illusionist must be super great but I didnt think so. Have you seen it? Not nearly as good as Triplets.
      Was that 2010 that the Annies scandal happened? So lame! Poor Tangled really did get snubbed.

      1. What really angers me is that Brave later got all the credit for animation even though they basically used the software which was developed for Tangled. Tangled might be the most important and influential movie Disney made in the past ten years because of it.

  3. Honestly, I’d have barely gone with Toy Story 3 becaus I think Tangled is better. However, I wouldn’t have minded if How To Train Your Dragon won as amazing as it is. My theory as to why Tangled wasn’t nominated was probably because the Academy would pick the Pixar film over the Disney Animated Feature since they’ve considered Pixar to be the better. But I could be wrong. Oh, and even though I probably like Toy Story 3 the second best of the three (with Toy Story being the best and 1 the third best in my opinion), I still think Tangled was a little bit better mainly because of the animation and songs (my favorites of those being “When Will My Life Begin,” “I See The Light,” and “I’ve Got A Dream,”). Granted, Tangled may be somewhat similar to films like Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, & Hunchback Of Notre Dame, but at least Disney goes new with it (which I say can also be said about Disney films such as Emperor’s New Groove and Atlantis: The Lost Empire). Anyway, great review once again! I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the remaining years to come.

    1. Thanks. I think especially pre Cars 2 you are right on Pixar. I just wish Tangled had been nominated. I think it is better than The Illusionist in particular

    2. Oh and I’m excited for remaining years too especially 2012. People on youtube will probably freak out I’m not in love with Wreck-it Ralph. I’m going to try and be positive because I do like it. I’m just not as in love with it as seemingly everyone else

  4. It does bother me that Tangled got outright snubbed. I would have preferred it to be nominated over How To Train Your Dragon, but I did not watch the other movie to judge. Toy Story 3 should have own for sure though.

    1. Yeah I agree. The Illusionist is beautiful in its own way but nothing near Tangled IMO and I prefer Tangled to Dragon.

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