Did the Right Film Win? 2005 Animated Oscars

Today we get to one of the hardest years I think I will face in this analysis of the films nominated for Best Animated Academy Award each year.  I love all of the 3 films nominated and can see going with any of them.

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Picking my favorite was difficult because they are all so strong.  In the end I went with Corpse Bride because I love the Danny Elfman music and being a lover of musicals that will always put a movie over the top.  I particularly like these 2 numbers.

What would you pick? Please put in the comments section. Thanks.  I’ve really loved this discussion on both  my channel and here on the blog from this series so thank you for contributing!


8 thoughts on “Did the Right Film Win? 2005 Animated Oscars

  1. I’ve only seen parts of Corpse Bride and definitely liked what I saw of it. I still have yet to see the other two. Crazy, right? For now, I’ll also go with Corpse Bride, bit I’ll try to get to the other two sooner or later.

  2. I dunno…I don’t hate any of the movies, but I also don’t love any of them. I think I would have gone for the Curse of the Were Rabbit. It’s the only one in the line-up which has no hooky storytelling whatsoever. The other two rely a little bit too much on visuals for my taste.

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