Did the Right Film Win? 2003 Animated Oscars

Today I uploaded the next in my Animated Oscars: Did the Right Film Win series.  We are on to 2003 and we get 2 special films and one that I hate.

If you guys follow my blog you know I did not like Brother Bear.  You can read my full review to find out why I felt it made the wrong choice every time and got a rare F from me.

The two worthy nominees are Finding Nemo and The Triplets of Belleville.

Finding Nemo is the wonderful Pixar film about a father fish searching for his son who is in an aquarium miles away.  It is funny, creative, very well paced with beautiful seascapes.

The Triplets of Belleville is not for everyone.  It is challenging 2D animated film from Sylvain Chomet.  The story is about a woman who’s Grandson becomes a cyclist but then is abducted.  She meets a famous vaudville act The Triplets of Belleville who help her find her Grandson and sing a lot of catchy songs along the way.  There is no dialogue for the most part and it is very strange but I like it.  The animation is stunning and the music will make you want to dance.  It made my Most Artistic Animated Films list.

So what do you go with the artistic film with great music or the crowdpleaser with great heart and good jokes?  Watch the video and find out. 🙂

What would you pick? Would love your thoughts on if the right film won in 2003.

21 thoughts on “Did the Right Film Win? 2003 Animated Oscars

  1. While I agree concerning Brother Bear (though I give the movie a little bit more credit for the good elements), I can’t argue with the nomination. Not much else which could have been nominated, and Sindbad is an even worse main character.

    I would lean to Triplets of Belleville, for one because I like different (to a certain degree). Plus I never had the rabid love for Finding Nemo. But I agree, they are both worthy winners.

    1. Yeah I know what you mean about Triplets. I went back and forth between the two. It’s so out there and creative. Plus the 2D animation is so great. Tough call.

    2. Is Sinbad that bad? Yikes. I haven’t seen it but am worried it will be like Road to El Dorado which I didn’t like. Dreamworks can have a real misogynistic streak if it lets it out.

  2. Swan Pride, you consider Sinbad a bad film? Well, if I may say, I disagree. I mean, for one, there’s no nudity or inferred seducing like there was in El Dorado, there’s no cussing, and the visuals were likely even better. Also, I like the love/hate relationship between Sinbad and Marina. Rachel, I say you should give it a shot and see if you think it’s better or worse than El Dorado. If you think it’s worse, well, then I guess I’m a failure. However, if you think it’s better, then I’m glad you would be feint that way.

    1. Ha. Nobody is a failure for liking what they like. I will definitely watch it one of these days and you know I always give something a fair shot.

      1. Well, we’ve all said our peace. No need to debate further on it. Just a movie remember.

      2. Wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to clarify that this is the reason why I don’t think that you will like it, not those reasons the other poster mentioned.

      3. I will see it soon and let you know which side I land on 🙂

    1. I can’t remember if you are a Nemo fan. I doubt you’ve seen Triplets of Belleville so I’m guessing you’d pick Nemo to win? Would you have nominated Sinbad over Brother Bear because I think you like BB?

      1. I do like Brother Bear. However, I would have nominated Sinbad over Brother Bear mainly because, well, while Brother Bear may Disney, but I think Sinbad is definitely way better. But that’s my take at least. I hope that helps.

  3. I did not watch Belleville, so I cannot comment on it. I do not know why Brother Bear was nominated, but probably because there was nothing else, and since SInbad is even worse. Out of the ones I have watched, Nemo deserved it. Seems like a weak year for animation overall.

    1. Yeah definitely weak year. I havent seen Sinbad but it must be awful if worse than Brother Bear. I think you might dig Belleville. It’s one you either embrace the style or are really turned off by. At the least if you are tired of same old thing it’s a good change of pace

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