Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Review


Growing up my family and I really enjoyed watching the old Mission Impossible TV show.  They were so clever with the cases and we loved the team dynamic to their problem solving.  When the first Mission Impossible movie came out I was kind of let down because although it looked nice I didn’t think it had that team feel.  It was just the Tom Cruise show.   Fortunately since the 3rd in the series the team dynamic has returned and the series has gotten better with 3 and 4.  I don’t think the new entry Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is quite as good as Ghost Protocol (MI4) but it is an entertaining time at the movies.

I ran out of time today so here is the rest of my thoughts on the movie on my youtube video.  I think you guys will really enjoy this film.

7 thoughts on “Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Review

  1. I don’t know if you get it in Utah, but the station MeTV is currently running Mission: Impossible reruns on Sunday nights (11:00 PM EST). In case you thought it would be fun to revisit…

    1. Cool! Original series just left Netflix so will have to see if airing by me. It’s pretty good show right?

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