Good Dinosaur Trailer Review

Quick post this afternoon to share with you my thoughts on the new Good Dinosaur trailer.  LOVED IT!!!!  It looks stunning especially scenes like the fireflies and the lushness of the grapes and leaves.  I thought the terodactyl looked awesome and the scene with the snake should be great!

It was such a well designed trailer not giving away the story while still giving us tons of images to excite us.  I’m really looking forward to the relationship between Arlo and Spot and hope it is something like Dumbo and Timothy Q Mouse which I know director Peter Sohn is a huge fan of.

What a treat we are in for this year with Inside Out and Good Dinosaur.  Great time to be an animation fan!

Here’s my reaction video on my youtube channel.  Would love you to take a look and give a thumbs up/subscribe to my channel.  Thanks so much!

Here is the trailer if you haven’t seen it.

What do you guys think?

4 thoughts on “Good Dinosaur Trailer Review

  1. Definitely one of the most visually impressive Pixar films based on this trailer. I also like the idea of its alternate timeline concept where dinosaurs never became extinct.

    1. I guess I have no issues with those kinds of stories if they are done well. I’m really excited to go on that journey.

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