Rachel’s Top 50 Animation Countdown (20-11)

Now we are getting down to the cream of the crop. Pretty much all of these movies could be first place on this list because I love them all for different reasons.  So, don’t get too caught up in the rankings from here on out.  They are all most beloved to me. 🙂

20. Finding Nemo– A film that has it all- real heart, humor, gorgeous animation, amazing vocal performances and more.  They manage to keep both storylines of  Nemo’s world in the tank and Marlin hunting for his son with Dory equally engaging and fun.  So many moments surprise me like the AA sharks. It’s probably Pixar’s most rewatchable film and being a lover of the water it is a total delight.

finding nemo519. Tale of Princess Kaguya– A movie that grows on me each time I see it.  I loved it on an initial watch but have seen it several times since and now I LOVE it.  Parts that seemed a little slow now feel like poetry.  It’s one of the most unique and visually stunning animated film I’ve ever seen and I love the way it uses music to tell the story.  It’s a very Japanese story of a woman who chooses to be obedient to her father no matter the personal cost.  At times it is quite tragic and the ending is intriguing.

tale-of-princess-kaguya-118. Wall-e– Another movie that grows on me each time I see it.  I just reviewed it in my Pixar series but I think it is just about perfect.  I love the love story between Wall-e and Eva.  I love the artistry of their space ballet.  I love the message about hope and that anyone can be a hero.

walle and eva17. 101 Dalmatians- My favorite movie from the sketch era with one Disney’s most iconic villains in Cruella Deville.  What makes her so great is she has this insane plan of killing all these puppies.  It’s not a boring motive like Radcliffe or Clayton who just want money.  No she just wants a dalmatian coat.  She is also powerful and nearly wins time and again.  I love little moments of humor thrown in and the real tension that is developed in scenes like when they are loading the van.  Small characters like Sergeant Tibbs are a total delight.

DalmatianPuppies16. Incredibles– a unusual combination of a movie about work and a superhero story.  Bob is not happy in his life because he isn’t doing what he is called to do.  His unhappiness affects his marriage which is portrayed in such a realistic way that I think is great for kids to see.  I love the messaging and the villain is very evil (again almost wins which makes him menacing).  Great voice casting, terrific pacing and story.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

incredibles915. Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh– A criminally underrated film that is viewed by many as a movie only for small children.  Each of the 3 stories is sweet and layered with great voice casting. They say Elmo means love whenever he is on stage and I think Winnie the Pooh means childhood.  He is simple and yet thoughtful with a never ending desire for honey.  We get the dry narration which is so funny and the ending in this film is perfect.  It makes me cry every time I watch it.  ‘Will you ever forget me Pooh Bear”.  Not me!  I won’t forget you on this list! 🙂

winnie the pooh ending14. My Friend Totoro- Perhaps Studio Ghibli’s most iconic film and for good reason.  It is in many ways like Winnie the Pooh, the story of in this case 2 little girls with a sweet lovable friend, the wood spirit Totoro.  Totoro flies the girls around and just wants to protect them from harm or negative influence.  It’s so inventive and good-natured I don’t mind the simpler story.  Like Ponyo it is a Studio Ghibli film you can watch with even your youngest children and they will love it.   It’s an adorable movie.

totoro13. Inside Out– Don’t cry recency bias I loved Inside Out.  I’ve seen it twice and the layers of character development are amazing.  What Joy goes through in her understanding of happiness and Riley in dealing with the emptiness of having neither sadness or joy is so engrossing.  I love how the entire world is 11 with Imaginationland changing and morphing before them.  I love the islands of personality and their connection to memories.  I love the other emotions especially Anger and Fear and how funny they were.  The ending is perfection when Riley’s parents see her as an emotional equal and they bond.  What they were able to do with Bing Bong is remarkable.  And it’s also very funny to boot.

inside out512. Princess Mononoke- One of Miyasaki’s most ambitious works with a battle between the humans and the spirits of the forest.  Princess Mononoke is torn between both sides of the battle and we feel it as viewers.  All the characters are layered and interesting and it looks so beautiful.  It’s brutal at times and even violent but one of the most original fairytales I’ve ever seen.

princess mononoke11. Tangled– Disney’s first romantic comedy is so well done.  I love Flynn and Rapunzel’s relationship.  I love Mother Gothel and I think the songs are great.  It has probably Disney’s biggest plothole but I will forgive it.  I love the lanterns and the artistry throughout.  I saw it in 3D and it blew me away.   Great side characters as well and just a terrific rewatchable movie with real heart and lovely message about finding a new dream.

tangled flynn and rapunzel

16 thoughts on “Rachel’s Top 50 Animation Countdown (20-11)

  1. I don’t know if you watch Once Upon a Time, but I liked their portrayal of Cruella because you make a good point about her motive. In the show almost all the other villains are shown to be redeemable or have a good side, or something bad that happened to them in their past that caused them to be evil, but she’s the only one that’s just straight up crazy lol. Also, Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is the next one up for me to re-watch/review. Just grabbed it from the library today!

    1. I do watch Once Upon a Time and that is very true. I don’t see how you can make someone who wants to kill puppies good? It’s just impossible! I liked they didn’t even try. That’s a very good point. What they do so well in the animated 101 is they make Cruella very powerful. She almost wins a bunch of times. This makes the puppies feel very vulnerable and creates great tension. So smart. Once Upon a Time actually does a good job with that kind of tension as well. Excited to see what villain Emma Swan turns out to be and what they do with Merlin!

      Excited to hear your thoughts on Pooh.

  2. Great list. I still have yet to see all the anime stories you mentioned, but I’ve seen everything else and liked them. I saw Inside Out again this past Monday and I will say that I liked it as much, maybe even better, this time around. I hope that one wins the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

    1. Thanks so much. You should check out those anime. I think Inside Out will be nominated for Best Picture not just animated. The only competition may be Good Dinosaur.

      1. I guess we shall see, eh? Although The Peanuts Movie and maybe even Minions might get nominated as well. As far as Inside Out go, though, I guess we shall see which is better, eh?

      2. I think this will be a 3 nominees year (I think there have to be over 12 nominees for there to be 5). So I am guessing it will be Good Dinosaur, Inside Out and When Marnie was There since it is the last Studio Ghibli film (and it is great).

      1. I’ll have to go through this list again, but no, not that I can think of yet. Why, have some others disagreed with this list at least by a little bit?

      2. Not as much as I was expecting. The only one has been Ponyo which I would never in a million years have thought controversial.

    1. I debated putting it even higher to be honest. I’ve seen it 3 times and it gets better each time.

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