3 Animated Trailers

3 new animated trailers came out today.

There’s a new Peanuts trailer

It looks interesting although I worry they are making the characters too old.  I don’t picture Peanuts characters going to school dances and things like that.  What makes Peanuts funny is they are little kids thinking these deep contemplative thoughts.  That said, I like the style, voicework and I think it looks like a cute movie.

Then we got a new trailer for Hotel Transylvania 2

Adam Sandler is one of my least favorite people in entertainment but I enjoyed the first Hotel Transylvania.  It’s not that original but a cute fish out of water kind of story with some good jokes.  I think this new one looks even better with Mavis’ baby not being a monster and them having to move.  This makes Dracula upset and doing anything to keep them there.  It probably won’t be a masterpiece but I think it will be fun.

Finally we had a trailer for one that hadn’t been on my radar called The Secret Life of Pets.

This one does not look like my cup of tea.  It feels a little Toy Storyish but instead of toys its animals and those copycats have been terrible (need I remind you of last year’s Hero of Color City…).    And I think the whole pets are alive usually is a bad idea (think Cats and Dogs which is awful).  It could be like Over the Hedge which I thought was strong for first 20 minutes and then loses its way.  The voice performances look solid but the project looks tired, so I’m not looking forward to this one. This is also really long for a teaser trailer.

So which out of the 3 are you looking forward to most?  I would rank them 1. Hotel Transylvania 2, 2. Peanuts, 3. Secret Life of Pets

2 thoughts on “3 Animated Trailers

  1. I’m super excited about ‘Peanuts’! It’s looking to be Blue Sky Studios’ magnum opus! I love the animation and the voice acting that captures the spirits of the shorts and original comic strips. I don’t think they’re older than usual because I’m sure somewhere in the comics they have attended a school dance or some sort of social event like that. I’m really looking forward to this one!

    The plot for ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ just seems direct-to-DVDish quality. I’ll still give it a watch though. Adam Sandler’s voice acting seems as perfect as it was in the first one. Who’s your absolute least fave person in entertainment then?

    And I’m not really looking forward to The Secret Life of Pets at all yet!

    1. I hope you are right about Peanuts. I just want them to be kids. I have a strong attachment to Peanuts so I am nervous about the project but fingers crossed it will be good. I do like the animation. It does seem like Blue Sky is trying to make a good movie.

      Ha. Who do I hate more than Adam Sandler? Tough question but M Night Shymalan, Michael Bay, Rob Schnieder, Kevin James, Kim Kardashian would make the short list of least favs. Ha.

      I think with Hotel Transylvania is my expectations were extraordinarily low and I thought it was cute enough. Kind of the same with HT2.

      Definitely on the same page with Secret Life of Pets. I’m just tired of that whole ‘humans don’t know we are alive’ thing if it isn’t Toy Story.

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