Zootopia Teaser

Big news today in the Disney world!  We got our first teaser trailer for next year’s Zootopia.

Up until now I had seen the image of the fox and rabbit but that’s about it.  I still kind of wish it was more like the concept art we got early on but I was charmed by the teaser.  I think it looks really funny and clever.

The only thing that makes me a little bit nervous is I hope they don’t go overboard in trying to be ‘hip’ and ‘cool’.  Some of the character designs bring back nightmares of Chicken Little but I trust John Lasseter wouldn’t let that happen again.  I also hope it isn’t too ‘shreckish’ with winky jokes only parents would get.  I hate that.

But worries aside I feel really positive about the trailer.  I think it is something different. Disney hasn’t done anthropomorphized in a while and the voice talent should be good.  Over all I’m excited about the project. Especially because it is coupled with the more traditional Moana.  Something for everyone.

What do you think of the teaser and Zootopia?

4 thoughts on “Zootopia Teaser

    1. That’s fair. I’d say I’m successfully intrigued which is the purpose of a teaser trailer.

    1. Oh I do too. Just a few moments with the tripping and putting the fly up, elephant tranquilizer, felt a little ‘trying to be cool’ to me. That’s the part that could veer into Chicken Little territory but I agree more likely to be Robin Hood. Wahoo!

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