Star Wars Teaser Trailer 2 Reaction

Can I just fangirl out on you all for a minute?  I know some of you aren’t as big of Star Wars fans as me but holy cow what a great trailer was released today!!!!  I am so pumped!  It had everything you could want.  We got to hear Luke’s voice.  We got an image of Vader from Return of the Jedi (and anyone else notice he said ‘his father HAS the force’…) harkening back to the old movies and then we hear about Leia who has the force (which I don’t recall ever seeing her use the force in original trilogy? Anyone know?) and his son (we can presume) also has the force!

Then we get chrome troopers, John Bodega in storm trooper outfit, battles, Poe Dameron in the Xwing craft!!!  Daisy Ridley looks like she is going to have a real gritty role to play.  This excites me as Star Wars could be a little bit male heavy (need I remind you of Leia and the gold bikini in most of Jedi…).

And then at the end to get Chewie and Han “we’re home”.  Nerdgasm!!!!  So cool!

It just makes me so excited that they are doing this right.  It doesn’t look all green screen.  It looks like there will be sand and real fighting and grittiness.  That’s what I want to see.  I want to see chemistry and a story with relationships I care about, not a fluffy soap opera.  I just want it to be good so bad!

It was just a perfect trailer.  It didn’t show too much.  It showed exactly what all the fans wanted to see without spoiling anything.  I loved it!  Chris Stuckmann and the Schmoes Know described it as bringing on ‘nerd tears’ and I’d agree.  Chris said it was ‘the best trailer I’ve ever seen and not just because I’m a fan”.  I’d agree.

Anyway I loved it.  What did you guys think?

4 thoughts on “Star Wars Teaser Trailer 2 Reaction

  1. I just got into Star Wars about a year ago or less than that and have seen IV, V, VI, and I saw I last week. So I’m excited for this film, but not super yet, cuz I still gotta see II and III.

    It was cool to see Harrison Ford at the end of the trailer. I’m interested to see who Andy Serkis will play.

    1. Oh me too! As someone new to the franchise what’d you think of Phantom Menace? I’m curious because most of us went into it very excited and found it dull. Too much diplomacy and not enough action and story.

      1. So far, the only Star Wars film that I didn’t like was surprisingly IV. I don’t know why, but I really disliked this original movie. I really don’t know why.

        I loved V though. It was really really good! And I liked VI.

        Regarding I, I actually did like it. It wasn’t amazing or spectacular, but I guess I wasn’t really expecting much. I don’t know if I’d consider it better than IV, but I definitely like it better than IV.

      2. Cool. Interesting perspective. 4 is more of a classic action adventure space opera type story and origin stories are always a little challenging. (It’s actually my favorite but I love that kind of campy action adventure story). 5 is so good. 2 is my least favorite because of the dopey romance.
        So amazing to think of a whole unique world like that. Cool you get to experience for the first time!

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