5 Favorite Musicals Collab


I’m very excited to tell you about an exciting collaboration over on my youtube channel.  My friend and fellow youtuber LondonCityTVGirl and I have done a collaboration on our five favorite musicals! It was so hard for me to narrow my list down to my top 5 and I don’t know if it really is my top 5 or just 5 that I like.  I love her 5 choices also.

My Top 5 Musicals

Simantha’s Top 5 Musicals

If you have an account it would be awesome for you to like both of our videos and subscribe to our channels.  You will enjoy both of our content I am sure of that.

What are your favorite musicals?  There were so many I could have picked and I honestly debated it for about a month but I am happy with my list. I would love to hear from you.  Thanks!

5 thoughts on “5 Favorite Musicals Collab

      1. Nope! For movie musicals, I won’t have Wicked, Cats, Phantom (since we haven’t seen a proper film adaptation of the first two and the Phantom film was … ). I like Mary Poppins, Mermaid, Tangled!

  1. Awesome! My favorite musical of all time has to be “The Beauty and The Beast”, though I really, really enjoyed “Wicked”

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