6 thoughts on “Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

  1. I had read that review before. I didn’t agree with all of it (although I also didn’t like Birdman lol) but I definitely agree with the sentiment that Jean Luc Godard could have done a better job with the movie. I think part of its problem was its pretentious director. Every interview I read with that guy makes me like him less.

    1. Thanks. I didn’t agree with everything the reviewer said but for weeks I’ve felt alone in my lack of love for Birdman. I saw and read it and retweeted because I’m not the only one! I’ve actually only seen Film Socialisme and wasn’t a fan to say the least. What others do you recommend of Godard?

      1. I’ve only seen a couple and only really liked Band of Outsiders (Bandeparte I think is the French name) but I definitely see his style fitting with Birdman and I think he would have done it in a way that works better. You’re definitely not alone in your dislike for it. I think you read my ranting blog post. lol. My boyfriend and I watched it and he loves one take shots (he’s a freaking cinematographer himself and we even used one take shots in a short film we made) but even he didn’t like how it was used in Birdman and neither of us could really follow the story (even though it shouldn’t have been hard to follow – the shooting style was just distracting).

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