Animation Lookback 2014 Videos

I had one of the worst nights of insomnia in my life so I’ve spent most of last night and today working on a new series on my youtube channel.  It is a look-back on animation in 2014- the highs, mediums and lows.  It is basically my Rachie’s post in video form.  I thought you might enjoy them and I would love if you gave them a watch.  I would also appreciate it if you subscribed to my channel.  I do box reviews and movie reviews of which you will probably be more interested in the latter but I try to post good thoughtful content and am improving every day.

This series I think turned out very good.  I hope it will help the public at large become aware of some of the smaller special animated movies, as well as maybe seeing ‘the big 6’ in a new light.  Thanks again for watching the videos and for all your support.

4 thoughts on “Animation Lookback 2014 Videos

  1. I saw most of the good films, except for Song Of The Sea and the other lesser known ones. I do not plan to see any of the three bad ones you mentioned. They just looked awful. Anyway, I liked Peabody & Sherman as well and of course Big Hero 6 and most of the others. I’m curious about the baseball film. May give that one a shot sooner or later.

    1. It’s worth a watch for sure. I wouldnt be surprised if Song of the Sea ends up on netflix but it comes out on bluray March 17th so you can check it out then.

      1. I may yet. And I thought you said you at least saw the first Madagascar film. Well, if you haven’t, hope you get to see all three fairly soon. Glad you liked Penguins Of Madagascar. I liked it too.

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