The Rachies- 2014 Animation Awards

The Oscars are coming up this weekend and I have seen every animated film that came out in 2014.  I’ve seen all the big, medium and tiny films I could get my hands on.  20 in total.  Needless to say I love animation.  It is my favorite medium of film because it literally is art on the page and for the most part it is family friendly and well rounded (comedies, dramas, comic book movies, the whole 9 yards).

So, I’m going to give some of my own awards for animation this year.  Here goes…

Overall Best Animated Film- Song of the Sea

song of the sea4Best Mainstream Animated Film- Lego Movie

the_lego_movie_2014-wideBest Use of Music and Animation- Tale of Princess Kaguya

princess-kaguyaBest sequel- How to Train Your Dragon 2

how to train your dragon castFavorite Character- Baymax Big Hero 6

baymaxBest Villain- Archibald Snatcher The Boxtrolls

Boxtrolls-Ben-KingsleyBest Adult Animated Film- Rocks in My Pockets

rocks in pockets4Worst Movie- 3 way tie Legends of Oz: Dorthy’s Return, Nut Job and Hero of Color City. All stinkers don’t see!

Downloads2Best Comedy- Penguins of Madagascar

penguins1Best Tragedy-  Wrinkles– I cried my eyes out but in a good way.

wrinkles-graphic_1Most Beautiful World Creating- Book of Life

The-Book-of-Life-5Better Than I Expected It To Be-  Mr Peabody and Sherman

mr peabodyBest Direct to DVD- Pirate Fairy

pirate fairy3Shoney’s Award- Not Good but Not that Bad,  Planes Fire and Rescue

PLANES FIRE & RESCUEBest Hidden Gem- Miniscule: The Valley of the Lost Ants

MinusculeBest Steampunk Movie- Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart

jack--the-cuckoo-clock-heart_32261404703551Best Song Sequences- Rio 2

rio2-2Best Sunday Inspirational Movie- Henry and Me

henry and me9There you have it!  All the animated films of 2014.  What tremendous variety and what a great experience I had watching them all.  It will definitely go down as one of my favorite years ever. Happy time to be an animation buff.

15 thoughts on “The Rachies- 2014 Animation Awards

    1. Granted I haven’t watched them back to back but they are terrible. Hero was probably the worst of the 3 but I didnt have an award for all 3 so it’s a tie. They are all bad in different ways and have equally atrocious animation.

      Whatd you think of my other choices?

    1. Ding ding ding. That is my personality but I genuinely liked that aspect of each film and felt they were deserving of their superlatives. There were only 3 that I thought were horrible F worthy and I gave them worst. Great part of giving your own awards I guess 🙂

    2. Movies I saw no redeeming value too in 2014

      Transformers 4
      Nut Job
      The Other Woman
      Hero of Color City
      Legends of Oz Dorthys Return
      Ride Along
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

      But I prefer to celebrate what I do like in admittedly imperfect films.

      I hated most of all the HIMYM finale. Worst media I’ve seen in my whole life. Yep true story

      1. Don’t mention Maleficent. I have never hated a movie in my life, but this one, I would erase from existence if I could. I gave the other ones a pass.

      2. You think it is worse than the Tim Burton Alice and Wonderland? I go back and forth but they both suck so bad.

      3. At least Alice in Wonderland can be seen as another adaptation of the same book If you choose to do so. Maleficent on the other hand is sh… all over a beloved Disney classic.

      4. Yep I agree. Ive actually never read Alice book. But it so missed the whole spirit of nonsense and it’s grim and ugly. But I you’re right.

        The sad part is both made so much money that future film destruction is coming. I’m not excited at all for this Beauty and the Beast

      5. Cinderella just got positive reviews. We’ll see. I would prefer if Disney wouldn’t do it, but if they do it, I prefer them doing it right and with respect for the original movie

      6. Agreed. I think I’m most open to Cinderella because I’m less tied to Disney version. I love other versions like Slipper and the Rose, Ever After and The Glass Slipper; although I hear they arent using the songs which is strange. That’s the best part of the Disney version IMO. Oh well. I always try to see everything with open mind but I agree with you and wish they weren’t doing it

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