Tangled on Cinema Sins

This made me laugh.  (And I remind you I loved Tangled.  It’s #4 on my ranking) .  The birthday thing is a huge plothole with Tangled and how did Gothel know the song and how to use the flower?  Those are big problems but I don’t care.   Still I thought this was funny.

The Maleficent one was also very funny.

The Toy Story one

Frozen one but I didn’t think it was that clever.


That’s why I really don’t give much credence to the plothole arguments .  All movies have them.  All stories do but you go with it and enjoy the experience (or not).  It’s all about whether you can accept the director and writers vision or not.  Plotholes really don’t matter except in bad movies.

2 thoughts on “Tangled on Cinema Sins

  1. It’s a bit unfortunate that the Tangled video makes a few errors like assuming Gothel had been walking for three days by the time she met Maximus. And they do the whole “why didn’t Eugene cut Rapunzel’s hair after she’d healed him?” thing that I’ve seen brought up before. The explanation I accept is that Eugene didn’t know he’d have a chance: Gothel would probably have pulled Rapunzel away as soon as she was done.

    1. True. Ive heard that hair cutting argument. I wouldn’t take the video too seriously. It’s all in fun.
      I think he didnt want Rapunzel to make a promise Gothel could use against her. I mean you are dealing with magic so who knows what power an oath like that would have? I agree he struck when he had the chance.

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