Star Wars Trailer Reaction

Let me just geek out on you guys for a second.  The new Star Wars trailer is out and it looks AWESOME!!!!

It starts out with a fantastic voiceover and then John Boyega gasping, looking like he is hunting something, then we get a droid who looks like a soccer ball, next a storm trooper army, then Daisy Ridley on a pod of some kind, then we see a rebel fighter (Oscar Isaac?) and a x-wing fleet zooming off, then  ‘the dark side’ with the villain with a light saber that has a cross hatch like a sword!!

‘And the light’

We get millennium falcon zooming off and our iconic music!!!!  December 15, 2015.  What a perfect teaser trailer.  It gives just enough to get fans excited.  CGI looked minimal with more grounded special effects.  You could see the sand in Tunisia and it didn’t look green screen or in a studio.  We also got no sight of the returning cast in the trailer, which is a good sign they are using them in the right way.  It was just so awesome!!!!!!

I’m so hopeful JJ Abrams is doing this right and this trailer is a huge vote of confidence!!!  I’m so excited! Wahoo!

6 thoughts on “Star Wars Trailer Reaction

  1. I really liked this trailer as well. The Millennium Falcon looked very cool flying with modern special effects – I’m not sure whether hardcore Star Wars fans would agree, or hate me for saying that.

    Have you seen the trailer for Jurassic World as well?

    1. Oh I don’t mind the special effects on the MF. What I was glad to see is real sand, real worlds, not just standing in front of a green screen like the prequels. I want stunts that look real, I want worlds that look real. I want characters that look like people with makeup and not CG. Special effects were a huge part of the original but it was used to enhance not replace the realness The MF flying towards the screen was awesome!!

      Jurassic Park was a pretty solid trailer. It has a promising cast and looks slick. It just seems to deny any kind of credibility that any human being, let alone hundreds would go back to that island especially as a tourist. They will have to be tricky with the script to get me to believe that. I haven’t liked any of the sequels so I’m skeptical but if they keep it campy fun than I’m game. 2014 was a terrific year for blockbuster big movies (Transformers and Spiderman excluded) so hopefully 2015 will be too!

      1. We’ll see how much backstory there is in the final film for Jurassic World – could be that it was a gradual process, showing off a few dinosaurs in a safer environment before upgrading to the old island park format. It does stretch credibility somewhat, but the premise of a Jurassic Park that has actually been functioning and successful for a while has plenty of potential.

      2. It could be good for sure. I always say with good writing anything can be good!

  2. Absolutely. As the film critic Bob Chipman once put it, people have written good movies about a man who dresses up in a bat costume and beats up bank robbers just because he misses his mummy and daddy.

    I’m mostly concerned about the writing for Star Wars as that was the main flaw of the prequels for me. I’d have to see more to really comment on the look of the film, but you’re right, what we do see looks more realistic. Seeing behind the scenes footage of the prequels, it’s a bit ridiculous how often you see the actors on a bare stage with a green screen.

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