Family Movies I Like that Others Do Not

A popular post on these type of movie blogs is ‘movies everyone likes but I don’t’ or vice versa. You can check out my blogging friend Animation Commendation for his highly controversial picks (Wall-e and Up overrated! Outrage!).  He is focusing just on animation and I have decided to just post about the films I like others don’t.  As I said in my post Jerks, Trolls and Critics my goal in my writing is to be an advocate for film . It is not to tear down what other people love.

So I want to use this post as  a chance to advocate for films that I believe are underrated by critics and fans in general.  These movies are far from perfect and I can understand why people don’t like them but for whatever reason I found something to enjoy while watching them.  Call it nostalgia, call it low expectations but I like the following films that a lot of others don’t like.

In no particular order.

Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything-

Veggietales are kind of like the Christian fundamentalist cousin of the animation world but you know they are done pretty well.  The music is always fun, voicework good and the colors bright and colorful.

Pirates was the first time they tried to do a non-biblical tale (previously they had done Jonah as a feature film as well as their many direct to video films about Daniel, Moses and other stories).

This film could entertain kids of any faith as it focuses on finding heroes and makes a person a hero.

Tomatometer- 39%.  I’d give it a C+ it’s certainly not top tier animation but I still find it entertaining.

The Other Side of Heaven-

I admit this one is easier for me to like because it is about a member of my faith, John Groeberg who went as a missionary to Tonga and had some amazing experiences.

This was also the only film we were allowed to watch on my mission for the Mormon church and having served a mission like Groeberg I relate too it.

So maybe it isn’t for everyone but it’s pretty well made and acted.  I would think the story would be inspirational for those of other faiths but hard for me to know.

But this is my list and I like it so it makes the list!

Tomatometer 29%.  I would give it a B

Lord of the Rings-

Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings has developed a bit of a cult following over the years and I think it is deserved.  It is not perfect and Peter Jackson’s version is definitely better but this is pretty good.  The animation is strong in parts  and weak in others but scenes like the ringwraiths in Bakshi are really well done with a style I haven’t seen in other movies (kind of looks like a hologram)

They pack a lot into the film especially if you like the extended version of the Peter Jackson films and it can feel rushed but I still like the animation and the story is so solid at it’s core that it just works.

Our friend the Nostalgia Critic did a fun compare/contrast between the Jackson and Bakshi’s versions.

Strong language warning

Tomatometer 50%, I would give it a B-

Cinderella 3-

John Lasseter, over at Pixar, says they never do sequels unless they have an idea.  That was the problem with most of the made for video sequels of the 90s and early 2000s.  Most of them are a repeat of the original but with a new character (usually a child of our leads such as Bambi 2, Fox and the Hound 2, Lady and the Tramp 2 etc).  Then there are one’s that continue the story but in incredibly trite and stupid ways. (Pocahontas 2, Brother Bear 2, Cinderella 2, and Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 are the worst examples).  Finally there are sequels that are clobbered together from animated series that came after the movie and these are usually passable, on the Saturday morning cartoon level (Atltantis 2, Lilo and Stitch 2, Lion King sequels, Aladdin sequels etc).

But out of all of them The Little Mermaid sequels are passable but my favorite is Cinderella 3. Cinderella 2 is just her wedding and it sucks but 3 they actually have an idea.

Through a variety of circumstances Lady Tremaine finds the Fairy Godmother’s wand, which she then uses to turn back time and make it so Anastasia’s foot fits the slipper instead of Cinderella.  The Prince now has to marry Anastasia and things seem pretty dire for our heroine.

The animation is on the Saturday morning level but it is passable and the songs are okay.  It’s not great but I enjoyed seeing Lady Tremaine back up to no good and just found it very clever.

Tomatometer is actually high with only 7 reviews at 71% but I still say this counts because the sequels are so generally disregarded and looked down on.

Tomatometer 71%, I would give it a C

North Avenue Irregulars-

I suppose this is probably more forgotten than disliked but I’ve been wanting to make a shout-out to it so here goes.

It is the kind of movie almost never made today.  A live action comedy starring A list talent for families. The story is silly and your enjoyment will probably depend on your taste of slapstick but it makes me laugh.

It was a dream team of comedic women with Barbara Harris, Susan Clark, Karen Valentine, Cloris Leachman, and a long list of faces you will recognize when you see them.

Edward Herrman is a nice foil for the ladies as the Reverend Hill who decides to take down local gambling syndicate using the ladies as the spies and detectives.

It has a pretty high tomatometer of 75% on 11 reviews but I still think it’s one that is easy to criticize but I like it. Great opening credits sequence too.

Tomatometer 75%, I would give it a B-

Disney’s Christmas Carol

Readers of my other blog kn0w The Christmas Carol is one of, if not my favorite stories ever written.  I make sure to see it at the local theater every Christmas and watch as many versions as I can.  There’s everything from Alastair Sims, George C Scott, to Bill Murray, Muppets,  and Mickey Mouse.

I think what I like about the story is it is about lost causes and how anyone can change their lives if they embrace Christmas (and for me Christ) and decide to be a better person.  It’s a story about redemption and I just love it.

When I heard that Jim Carey was being cast as Scrooge you can imagine my concern with a ham like him taking on my favorite character in literature.  However, he plays it surprisingly straight and there are only a few antics when soaring through space.  The spirits are done very well and there is a ton of the actual script taken from the novel, which is cool.

Some don’t like the stop motion animation but it doesn’t bother me.  It’s a style just like any other and I can go with it. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite version but I still like it.

Tomatometer- 54%, I would give it a B

Cars 2

I wonder sometimes if people really hate this movie or if they just are mad at it because it’s not Up, Wall-e, and Ratatouille.  Don’t get me wrong.  It has major problems but is it really one of the worst movies ever made? While I’m not rushing out to buy the blu-ray I thought it was fun, decent level kids movie and an homage to the spy flicks their parents and older siblings get to watch.

As I said in my Planes: Fire and Rescue review, the world of the Cars and Planes movies is nutty and does not stand up to much examination.  I guess there are car sex or car eggs hatching baby cars in this world?  But then they run out of parts which is strange.  Evidently some models are worthy of saving and others are not?

See how fast you can go down the rabbit hole with this world?  So I suggest just going with it and not diving too deep.  Just enjoy it as an homage to spy movies an leave it at that.

The other beef with this movie I hear is people don’t like Mater. I’m not sure why because I find him funny, as funny as a car can be at least…

It’s beautifully animated and the voicework is all good.  The plot is actually pretty convoluted and complicated involving natural fuel. (Wouldn’t a world of just cars actually like the world to be poluted, that is their life sustaining liquid like we have water, they have oil…Again over-thinking it!

Overall I think the bad buzz is overrated and this movie is an ok, fun time at the movies.

Tomatometer- 39%, I would give it a C

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

We’ve talked a lot about this movie on the blog. I am aware I am in the minority on it.  I thought it was a fun adventure movie with a wildly creative made up world that engaged me the way other good B Summer Adventure movies have like Indiana Jones, the Goonies, National Treasure etc.  I liked the language and culture they created and the troop of explorers was fun and diverse.

The animation is gorgeous especially once they get to the Lost City and we have the blue crystals and their power.  It has a bit of a steampunk feel and all in all I liked it.  I thought it was a fun action adventure, treasure hunting story with a good, exciting ending. It all just worked for me in the spirit of those B adventure movies.  So there you go!

Tomatometer- 49%, My Grade A-

Where the Wild Things Are

This is a movie you either go with and love or hate.  I love it.  It takes Maurice Sendak’s children’s story of a boy sent to bed without any supper finding a land of wild things and turns it into a brilliant movie.

It is the only film I’ve ever seen that captures the brooding quiet nature of childhood.  Some say that makes it depressing but I remember being that kid.  I remember hearing things in school like global warming or war and puzzling at how this could be.  To me it was amazingly refreshing to have a kid who isn’t perky but a real person with all moods.  His behavior when he meets the Wild Things is so authentic to what a kid, especially a boy, would do and I love it!

It’s a brilliant film in how it gives our character an opportunity to confront himself and his mother and realize they are both imperfect but trying. What a beautiful moment that is?

The puppets were the perfect choice as opposed to CGI.  It makes it feel real and palatable and the voicework is PERFECT!

I broke down the movie in more detail on my Where the Wild Things Are Defended post.

Tomatometer is high because of people like me- 72%, My Grade A+

Space Jam-

To be honest I am really surprised the Space Jam tomatometer score so low. This is one of the few spots we can see our Looney Tunes friends on the big screens and I think it is charming.  All the characters like Bugs, Daffy, Yosemite Sam and more are there in this live action/animation combo.  Bill Murray is pretty funny and Michael Jordan is one of the better athletes turned actors (need I mention Shaque in  Kazaam?)

I guess the plot follows a similar underdog theme but is anyone watching this for the intricate plot?  No.  They are watching it to see Bugs, Daffy and others tell good jokes and have a fun time and I think that’s what they get out of it.

Give it a watch through I bet you will agree it’s an entertaining flick.

Tomatometer- 35%, I would give it a B-

Follow that Bird-

Again this is probably more underrated than disliked.  It has a very high tamotometer score in fact but I wanted to give it a shoutout anyway.  Follow that Bird is the first Sesame Street movie and it is a real gem.  Some people might discount it as a only a movie for little children because it is from Sesame Street but if you do that’s a shame because it is very clever and heartfelt.

Big Bird finds out he should be raised with a family and is adopted by the Dodo family making his new name Big Dodo.  Despite having everything with the Dodo’s he isn’t happy, so he runs away.  The rest of the film is part roadtrip and part our yellow bird finding out who his real family is.

It’s a lovely message for kids, there are lots of laughs and real heart too.  I love all of the Muppets movies but this one will be close to the top for sure . I need to do a list of my favorite Muppet’s movies soon.  What are your favorites?

Tomatometer- 91%, I would give it an A

Soul Surfer-

Another Christian film critics were incredibly tough on.  It tells the true story of Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm to a shark while surfing and how she made it back to compete in the pros with one arm.  I will agree that the special effects are not great and it does look pretty obvious where they cut off Anna Sophie Robb’s arm in post-production.

However, if you can get over the technical flaws there is a lot to like . Bethany is an amazing person.  In fact, at the moment she is on The Amazing Race and tearing it up there.  I thought at first she was stunt casting to get sympathy but she has been up for every challenge.  She does with one arm what others struggle with 2.  Everything from rock climbing to balancing tasks she’s been up for and she’s done it all in such a pleasant and happy way.  I like her even more than I did after this movie.

The supporting cast is strong with Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt as her parents and Carrie Underwood as a youth minister. Aside from the arm special effects the rest of the surfing shots are well done and the story didn’t play out exactly as I thought it would and it is an exciting moment when she gets back on the surfboard.

Doesn’t reinvent the wheel but what it does it does well and I enjoy watching it.

Tomatometer- 46%, I would give it a B-

American Tail Fievel Goes West

Most people like the first American Tail but are tough on this sequel.  I would agree it is not as good but I still enjoy it.

This one is not directed by Don Bluth like the original but Steven Spielberg is a producer.

In part 2 we get the Mousekewitz family deciding to leave New York for the promises of the West (streets weren’t paved with gold I see!).  Fievel idolizes Wylie Burp the sheriff of the west who is brilliantly played by the great Jimmy Stewart in what I believe is his last role on screen.

On the way they meet a conniving cat who is trying to get them out there as cheap labor.  Our friend Tiger voiced by Dom DeLuise again shows up and we also get Amy Irving, John Cleese and Jon Lovitz.

In the end, it’s a pretty entertaining story with twists and turns. I enjoy the homage to the western and hearing Jimmy Stewart as Wylie.

The music by James Horner is also wonderful and I particularly love Dreams to Dream.

Tomatometer- 40%, I would give it an A

So that’s my list!  What do you think? Seen any of these?  Do you hate them or think they are pretty good? I’d love your thoughts. Thanks for reading my ramblings.

26 thoughts on “Family Movies I Like that Others Do Not

  1. Fievel Goes West – which I think is the second film I ever saw at the cinema – is definitely a very entertaining film. I still think the scene where Tiger is racing to catch the train and being chased by dogs wherever he goes is very funny, and John Cleese’s voicework in particular is good. There was actually a TV series based on Fievel Goes West that I watched quite faithfully as a kid.

    Space Jam, I haven’t seen for a while, but I thought it was fine last time I saw it.

    I don’t like Cars 2 or Disney’s A Christmas Carol though. Cars 2 doesn’t have much heart to it – it feels too generic, even the action; maybe it would be better if it wasn’t a sequel to Cars, as it doesn’t have much to do with the events of the first film and feels tacked-on. And while I do love A Christmas Carol in general (my favourites being the Muppet and Patrick Stewart versions), the Disney one goes a bit too far with the darker sides of the story, with a lot of freakish imagery and jump scares.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I didn’t know that about a tv show for Fievel Goes West. It really is an entertaining movie

      I get what you are saying about Cars 2 and Christmas Carol. Muppets is one of my favorite versions too! You are right about the Disney one including the scares and darker moments. I didn’t mind that but I do think they spend a little too much time zipping through the air. So it isnt perfect but I still like it.

      Cars 2 has lots of problems and I’d agree is unnecessary and not very heartfelt. I just dont think it is as terrible as others but I get what you are saying. Thanks for reading

      1. The show was called Fievel’s American Tails – looking at the Wikipedia page, there were only 13 episodes. I hadn’t realised it used the original voice actors for both Fievel and Tiger.

        I wouldn’t say Cars 2 is terrible, but even when you judge it on its own rather than against other Pixar movies, it’s just not that compelling. It’s more that there’s not much that’s good about it than there being anything actively bad about it. For example, I don’t find Mater annoying in the same way as, say, the Autobot twins from Transformers 2, but there’s not much I like about him either.

      2. That’s fair. I agree. I have it on the list more as being not terrible than particularly good. Nothing is worse than the Transformers 2 twins. Ugh…the horror! Those movies make me actively angry. Cars 2 was just an ok spy homage movie but I agree with you I can’t really sing it’s praises in any way but I don’t hate it. So yeah I agree with you.

      3. It reminds me of this restaurant out east called Shoneys. We would drive by and my grandma would say “Shoneys, it’s not that bad”. Cars 2 is the Shoneys of Pixar movies. Why have not bad when you can just as easily have great? Still it’s not going to give you salmonella like true junk movies like Smurfs.

      4. Shoney’s was the first restaurant I ate at on my first trip to America! I can’t remember the food being that great, but I liked having my drink refilled without asking, and strangely, the way the waitress said “You’re welcome” really stood out to me. It was the best “You’re welcome” I’ve ever heard.

  2. My list, highly controversial? Bah, humbug! (Thanks for the shout-out though, lol)!

    I too enjoyed ‘An American Tail: Fievel Goes West’ (mainly for Jimmy Stewart) and ‘Soul Surfer’.

    ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’ was decent.

    The Motion-capture ‘A Christmas Carol’ was…ok to me. I didn’t dislike it, but didn’t love it either. Any adaptation that doesn’t have Fan makes me sad (I have a thing for brother-sister moments, since I’m an only child). My favorite adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’ is an animated one fro 1997 with Tim Curry as the voice of Scrooge, although mostly everyone hates that version. That would definitely have made my list of animated movies I like, but others don’t had I made my list now. But, my favorite portrayal of Scrooge is Alistair Sims.

    ‘Cars 2’ was so forgettable to me that I can’t remember if I liked it or not. I’ll havta watch it again soon for my Pixar project, so I’ll let you know then.

    As for ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, that movie confused and bored the heck out of me. I don’t understand movies that are “artistic” or “thematic”. They just go over my head, so that may explain why I didn’t get this movie at all.

    And I haven’t seen any of the others.

    1. Ha. I thought you would get a kick out of that controversial line. 😉

      Tim Curry could read the newspaper and it would be entertaining so I agree with you on that animated version and Alistair Sims is tough to beat. I’m going to do a post on the various versions closer to Christmas. I didn’t even think of Disney’s as missing Fran but you’re right.

      I will be curious for your thoughts on Cars 2. It’s far from perfect but as an homage to spy flicks I thought it was ok. Not a Pixar masterpiece but not the dreck others see it as.

      I can see why you might think WWTA is boring. It has a slower pace but I was so moved by it and it’s unique depiction of childhood so I love it. Definitely not for every taste so I get it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting and check out some of the others when you have a moment. I bet you would particularly enjoy Space Jam.

      1. Looking forward to your ‘A Christmas Carol’ post. I quite love the story. Swanpride is a fan of it too. I recently reviewed ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’ for my live-action Disney blog.

        And ‘Space Jam’ is definitely on my list of films to see!

    2. So guess what I’ve looked for that Tim Curry one and I can’t find it anywhere. It’s not a stream or dvd on netflix or any other stream. It’s not at my local library and I don’t like it enough to buy it so I’m afraid I will have to just briefly mention it but not rewatch. It really isn’t so bad.

      1. You’re welcome!

        You can find a lot of ‘A Christmas Carol’ adaptations on Youtube, both live-action and animated. Last December, I went through a binge watching of multiple ‘A Christmas Carol’ adaptations on Youtube.

      2. Oh cool. I’m trying to decide how best to organize them. Right now I have about 20 and I was thinking a post on early versions, kid versions and contemporary versions. What do you think?

      3. Hmm…I mean…couldn’t all adaptations be kid versions as the story is pretty family-friendly albeit scary at times.

        I’d suggest doing it chronologically. Or dividing it into live-action and animated, but still do it chronologically.

        Can I see your list?

      4. True. I guess I was thinking those aimed squarely at kids like Barbie Christmas Carol, Muppets, Mickey, etc.

        Name Year Starring
        Disney’s Christmas Carol 2009 Jim Carey
        A Christmas Carol 1984 George C Scott
        A Christmas Carol 1999 Patrick Stewart
        A Christmas Carol 1951 Alistair Sims
        A Christmas Carol 1938 Reginald Owen
        Barbie in A Christmas Carol 2008 Kelly Sheridan
        Muppet Christmas Carol 1992 Michael Caine
        Mickey’s Christmas Carol 1983 Mickey
        Scrooge 1970 Albert Finney
        Scrooge 1935 Seymour Hicks
        Scrooged 1988 Bill Murray
        A Christmas Carol 2004 Kelsey Grammar
        A Carol Christmas 2003 Tori Spelling
        All Dogs Christmas Carol 1998
        Sesame Street Christmas Carol 2010
        Flinstones Christmas Carol 1994
        Smurfs Christmas Carol 2011
        An American Christmas Carol 1979 Henry Winkler
        Dora Christmas Carol 2009
        Christmas Carol 1997 Tim Curry

      5. Cool, there’s another animated one from 2001 called ‘Christmas Carol: The Movie’ with the voices of Simon Callow, Kate Winslet, and Nicolas Cage. I don’t think it’s good, but I’d recommend it to hear what you have to say.

        There’s also an animated short from 1971 directed by Richard Williams that has Alistair Sims doing the voice of Scrooge again. I’d also recommend that.

      6. There are a couple of others I’m trying to find like the silent movie version and musical with Basil Rathborne called The Stingiest Man in Town. If you know of others worth checking out let me know.

    1. I agree. They are so funny. Some people are so tough to please. The plot is also kind of clever in that pirate movie

      1. Me too. The silly songs are my favorite like The Hairbrush Song. Sometimes it seems like critics see “christian film” and immediately get out their red pens. So tough on them even when they are pretty clever

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