Favorite Disney Non-Villain Songs

Another fun list for you guys!

My top 27 favorite songs of Disney in no particular order (why 27? Because that’s how many I thought of! If I had to pick a favorite song it would probably be Part of Your World, but you guys know how important Little Mermaid is to me)

Out There- You guys know I’m not a huge fan of this movie but this song is so great.  I love that Quasimodo has a normal voice not a professional sounding voice.  It is so real.

Bear Necessities- Probably the best Sherman Brother’s song.  Such a fun rhythm.

Once Upon a Dream- One of the Disney greats. Based on the Sleeping Beauty ballet but just a beautiful song.

Sing Sweet Nightingale- Cinderella has a lot of great one’s and this one is often forgotten but I love it.

Bibbity Bobbity Boo- One of the sweetest Disney songs and sung by the great Verna Felton.  Great hook and wonderful song.

Friend Like Me- Robin Williams was evidently very nervous about the singing.  Well, he didn’t need to be.  It is one of Disney’s best with hilarious lyrics and great animation.

Beauty and the Beast- One of the best vocals in a Disney film by 4 time tony winner Angela Lansbury.  She basically became the Mother to generations and this song speaks so much to the need for forgiveness, understanding and love in all of our lives.

Baby Mine- One of 2 great lullabies by Disney.  A gut wrenching song, beautifully animated. Just gorgeous.

When You Wish Upon a Star- Became the Disney anthem for a reason.  Just about a perfect song about hope and never giving up on even seemingly lost causes.

Let It Go- Yep, bring on the Frozen haters.  Love this song and Idina Menzel is a goddess. I even thought she nailed it at the Oscars which people were all critical of.  So there!

You’ll be in my Heart- My favorite Disney lullaby.  I used to sing it to my baby sister and my nieces (I’m a rare person where those are only 4 years apart!). My favorite is the Broadway version because it is sung by a woman and not Phil Collins (who is fine. I just prefer the Mother singing it to her  baby).

Why Should I Worry?- Probably Disney’s best pop song with a great hook and one of Billy Joel’s best vocal performances (I’m a huge BJ fan).  Him and Bette Middler save Oliver and Company.

Almost There- I love jazz music so I’m inclined to love The Princess and the Frog for it’s music alone.  The lyrics aren’t great but this is a terrific riff and the vocal performance by broadway star Anika Noni Rose is one of the best pure vocals in Disney history.

Second Star to the Right- Peter Pan does have some great music.  Normally I don’t care for the 50’s choral sounds in movies like Make Mine Music but this one I like and the animation of the boat in the sky at the end is gorgeous.

He’s a Tramp- Again ,I love jazz music and Peggy Lee’s music in Lady and the Tramp is fabulous.  She provides the vocals for this number and it is a perfect cabaret-like number.

Reflection- I am actually not a huge fan of the pop ready Oscar winning ballads of the 90s (Can You Feel the Love, A Whole New World, Colors of the Wind etc) and usually like other songs better in those movies but Reflection from Mulan is an exception.  Another broadway star, Lea Salonga, gives a great vocal and it’s such a heartfelt song. I think most humans can relate to staring at the world and not liking what it reflects back.  People just sometimes don’t understand our hearts or what we are trying to say and those are tough moments. And the Christina Aguilera version isn’t half bad either.

Circle of Life- The pop influenced score of Lion King works great and technically my favorite number is Be Prepared but Circle of Life is terrific.  It has a good hook and the tribal elements are a ton of fun.

Little Black Rain Cloud- Perhaps too much of a lark to be on such a list but I love the Winnie the Pooh music.  Stanley Holloway’s vocals are perfect and it’s all as sweet as honey!

Part of Your World- Definitely my favorite song as a child. It builds momentum perfectly and you see the character go from being sad at the beginning to determined to change her life by the end.  One of Disney’s best in that regard. Jodi Benson’s vocals are some of the best in Disney history and it is just that perfect song for young girls who long to be taken seriously by the world.

Be Our Guest- Boy who knew that Lieutenant Brisco could sing? Jerry Orbach is fabulous as Lumiere.  The song feels like an old vaudeville number with touches of old Hollywood musical thrown in the animation.  I defy you to watch this song and not smile.

Under the Sea- Probably Howard Ashman’s best song and the decision to go reggae Jamaican was inspired.  Terrific lyrics like ‘What do they got a lot of sand? We’ve got a hot crustacean band’. Every fish is a different color and they all play different instruments so by the end it is an orchestra of over 50 harmonizing instruments. Just fabulous.

Won’t Say I’m in Love- I love the music in Hercules and Won’t Say I’m in Love is a fabulous, sassy number by one of my favorite Disney women: Megura.  Susan Egan, who played Belle on broadway, is Megura and she sings the song like a broadway pro!

I’ve Got a Dream- The music in Tangled is often derided as too pop influenced but I really enjoy it.  Mother Knows Best is my favorite but I think I’ve Got a Dream is a lot of fun as well.  It’s just charming.

A Star is Born- Again, I love the muses in Hercules.  I love gospel music! The Gospel Truth is great but I think I like A Star is Born even better.  Makes me want to dance every time I hear it and I am not a dancer.

Legend of the Sword- Another movie I am not a big fan of but I think this song introducing the tale is gorgeous.  I just wish the rest of the movie had lived up to it.

Winnie the Pooh- I like both the 2011 version and 1977 original.  “It’s Winnie the Pooh snuggy little teddy all stuffed with fluff”.  You play the first few chords of this song and I bet 80% of Americans will be able to sing the start of the song.  It defines childhood for most of us.

Make a Man Out of You- I’ll end with the second best song from Mulan.  One of the best Disney male vocals by Donny Osmond of all people.  We get a ton of character development and plot in the song and yet it is still very catchy.