Everything Wrong With “Tangled” In The Time It Takes You To Read This

Just like Beauty and the Beast has huge plot holes but I do not care, Tangled does too. So everyone who whines about Frozen plot holes- they all do. I was going to write about it but he does it so well why bother? Enjoy!

Tangled rocks!!

I also wonder how Mother Gothel knew the song?  And why does Mother Gothel tell Rapunzel her birthday especially if she knew they were sending out lanterns for her on her birthday?

Also wouldn’t the hair stop Rapunzel from growing too if it reverses aging in Gothel?  All that is needed is the song so why didn’t she just stay a baby? Hint…there wouldn’t be a movie then!

Mother Gothel also doesn’t do a very good job brainwashing her daughter. She has complete control of her education. She could tell her stars are magic or ruled by wizards. Whatever. She has NO access to any outside world so in a way Mother Gothel is too nice in raising Rapunzel. (Ha never thought about it that way I bet!)

So enough talking about plot holes . Deal with it and enjoy the movie.

My review is coming…Hint, hint- I’m a fan!