Blind Spot 54: ‘Wolf Children’ Review

In the world of anime fans it’s actually kind of a scandal that I haven’t seen Mamoru Hosoda’s masterpiece Wolf Children. I love Hosoda so I’m not sure why I put off seeing it but now that I have I’m delighted to tell you all that it lives up to the hype. It’s not a loud movie but it is one of the most beautiful depictions of motherhood I’ve seen.

wolf children

Wolf Children tells the story of a woman named Hana who falls in love with a mysterious man while in attending college. Eventually she finds out the man is a wolfman, but not the man-eating variety we see in horror movies. Hanna and the man end up having 2 children, Yuki and Ame who share the wolfman traits of their father.

When the man dies Hana must figure out how to not only be a young single Mother of 2 but also raise 2 children that are of a different species from her own- one that she and everyone around her is entirely unfamiliar with. She ends up moving to the country to keep them safe and learning how to farm and teach her children how to manage both sides of themselves.

wolf children2

What’s also interesting is the different trajectories of the children. Yuki wants to live as a human being. She goes to school, makes friends, and is able to hold her wolf side in with the help of a little song her Mom made up. On the other hand, Ame is drawn to the wolf side especially after he becomes friends with a wolf named Sohei.

If you are watching Wolf Children looking for a big narrative or strong action you will be disappointed. It’s a simple film about the every day life of our 3 lead characters. We get to know them and become invested in their journeys. The animation is absolutely stunning- right up there with the best of Studio Ghibli. The sound design is also very impressive with the lushness of nature coming to life before our eyes. It really helps us become immersed in the story.


But mostly Wolf Children is a beautiful story about the power of a Mother’s love to save her children. Even if they are of different species that love is powerful and that says a lot. I don’t think you have to be a big anime fan to enjoy this film. If you have a mother, are a mother or long to be a mother you will be moved by this touching story. I highly recommend it.

9 out of 10

Smile Worthy

smile worthy

Boy and the Beast Review

Hi guys!  So I only have a few moments but wanted to share with you guys my review of the new anime film Boy and the Beast.

This was my first film from Mamoru Hosoda and I was really impressed.   It tells the story of a runaway boy Kyutu who wanders into Beast Kingdom- a land of anthropomorphic animals.

Kyutu meets a beast named Kumatetsu who is looking for an apprentice so that he can become Lord of the Village. Kumatetsu is a bit of a curmudgeon but he and Kyutu grow together.

boy and beast7The film follows Kyutu as he grows up and he finds love, learns to read and discovers more about his family.  He also confronts an adversary that gorgeously morphs into a whale.

boy and the beast19The animation is stunning in Boy and the Beast and I found the story to be moving. I loved the way the camera moved through the crowds and the layers of people. The rendering and martial arts movement was true art and I was captivated.

The villain is a bit underdeveloped and a few of the subplots are unnecessary but I thoroughly enjoyed it.   I think you will too.

Overall Grade- B+

Have you seen Boy and the Beast?  What about other works of Mamoru Hosoda?  I’m told his Wolf Children is great.  I will definitely be looking it up and watching it soon.